Rosie Tee needed to leave to appreciate what she…


Being away from home for an extended period of time can be frightening. Being away from your familiar surroundings can be lonely and isolating at times. In her single “Anchors,” Rosie Tee sings about wishing she had something tying down her boat so it wouldn’t drift away.

The intense electronic arrangements blend together to create sounds that resemble a ship on the water. The trippy, dark tones provide a genuinely mind-altering release. Her eerie, haunting voice adds to the track’s moodiness.

Her music, which is known for its eclectic avant-pop style, demonstrates her innovation and creativity. The song “Anchors,” from Tee’s upcoming EP Earth, Embrace Me In, has the same distinct quality. “I wrote ‘Anchors’ when I was away from home for an extended period of time,” she says of the release.

What’s left after you take away your friends, family, partner, city, and all the other immediate things that make up who you are? Without those essential components that contribute to your sense of belonging and identity, who are you? This experience taught me to value what I’d left behind while also providing me with a unique opportunity to get to know myself outside of that safety net.”

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