Rockers Sticky Fingers Reach ‘Through The Darkness’ With New Song…


Sticky Fingers launch the title track of their new album, bringing forth the groovy feelings to make you “feel good inside,” like the first rays of light heralding the approach of a new dawn.

The earth needs a little light after so many gloomy days, especially when the northern hemisphere enters the long hours of Autumn and Winter. Thankfully, spring has arrived in Australia, and Sticky Fingers have returned with new songs, like a flower awakening after a long nap.

The band, which includes Dylan Frost (lead vocals, guitar), Paddy Cornwall (bass, vocals), Seamus Coyle (lead guitar), Beaker “Beaks” Best (drums, percussion), and Freddy Crabs (keys, synth), has released the title tune to their upcoming fifth album, “We Can Make The World Glow,” and it does.

“Why do we hold back when we’re hanging onto loved ones?” “I couldn’t figure out this maze I was in, so I have figure it out now / Slide off in daffodils, I’m falling into heaven / Into this space we already know.” It’s a smooth, warm jam that’ll help you put a grin on your face whenever you need it.

Sticky Fingers wanted to make their comeback special after a year of lockdowns and canceled gigs. “With lyrics like ‘I’m out of my coma top 10, living life in ecstasy, bouncing off your gravity,’ we wanted to build something that had throw-back Sticky vibes drawing in fresh aspects all the while,” the band tells HollywoodLife. We’re continuously trying to come up with new sounds, and we want to make people happy on the inside.”

Rockers Sticky Fingers Reach Through The Darkness With New Song Hellip

The band’s new song is a bit of a fresh start. The band suffered major personal difficulties in the summer of 2020, with Dylan suffering from “several overdoses,” according to the band’s official website, and Paddy admitting himself into rehab.

They had a homecoming after getting their life back in order, reuniting with founding guitarist Taras Hyrubi-Piper at Grove Studios. With Taras as producer and longtime producer Dann Hume as mixer, the band was revitalized, and the spark was reignited, resulting in this new record.

Rockers Sticky Fingers Reach Through The Darkness With New Song Hellip

We Can Make The World Glow is the band’s first studio album since Yours To Keep in 2019. According to the band’s official website, since 2008, they’ve released “three straight Top 5 albums, earning ARIAA platinum and gold plaques, eclipsed 1 billion streams, and sold out the continent’s most hallowed venues normally held for the likes of Elton John and Post Malone.

” With their signature combination of rock, they’ve amassed over a billion streams and hundreds of thousands of online followers, blending reggae, alternative, indie, and psychedelic garage into a smooth groove that’s sure to get you moving. The whole album will be released in Spring 2022, but in the meantime, keep glowing.

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