‘RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow Teases Resolve With Whitney Rose After Explosive…


After a dramatic fight over a caterer, ‘RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow EXCLUSIVELY hints that we’ll see some resolve with Whitney Rose this season!

On the Oct. 3 episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Lisa Barlow, 44, found herself at the heart of the controversy when cast member Whitney Rose, 34, accused her of meddling with the catering of a friend’s charity event. But, according to the Vida Tequila queen, “catergate” — as it’s been dubbed by admirers — will be resolved soon.

Lisa told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on Oct. 6: “I think you’re going to see Whitney and I have some resolve.” “I believe you can understand how serious this is, and it was an outrageous accusation.”

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The girls all went to a casino night hosted by Lisa’s long-time friend, Angie Harrington, in the episode. Whitney and Angie are seen having lunch to discuss the impending event when Angie informs Whitney that the caterer, who is a friend of Lisa’s, has abruptly withdrawn. Angie confronted Lisa at the party after Whitney, who has had her own difficulties with Lisa since season 1, told her that she was destroying her new friend’s gathering.

Lisa was so certain that she had nothing to do with the caterers’ departure that she sobbed to her friend about the charges, which she couldn’t believe anyone would make against her. Lisa stated, “I would not cancel a caterer.” “No decent person or caterer would ever cancel.” The whole affair was a farce. It was completely unrelated to me. Because I work in the food and beverage industry, I’m going to know everyone in the industry, so it’d be like going to a restaurant and having your reservation canceled because they offer tequila and I know the owner, or your wagyu being undercooked. That’s how ludicrous it is.”

And the caterers had Lisa’s back, as they posted their own receipts on Instagram, indicating how Angie asked them not to tell Lisa that she was getting first dibs at the season’s first cast function. “However, I’ll tell you that I purchased reservations in early February and was receiving clearance through Bravo,” Lisa explained. “So, because of COVID and the pandemic, it takes a lot longer,” she continued. “So, I had made reservations and was getting it cleared so we could use that restaurant on camera.”

“My name came up because they stated we couldn’t cater your party and that we wouldn’t receive any show coverage.” We catered Jen Shah’s party last year and didn’t receive any coverage, and production couldn’t guarantee us, so we couldn’t do it this year, but my brother, Marco’s brother, catered casino night. So there was excellent food there, a lot of food, and you can hear me asking for food as soon as I come in because I’m hungry. I was quite ecstatic. It was a fantastic evening in support of a fantastic cause.”

Lisa and Angie had unfortunately ended their friendship over the matter, however she wishes her well and promises a lot more excitement this season. Lisa admitted, “I haven’t actually talked to Angie in months.” “I believe you will see it resolved and we will go on.” This season has so much more to offer – we haven’t even scratched the surface. This is nothing compared to what is about to happen. It’s a substantial amount. “You’re in for a wild, crazy journey,” says the narrator.

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