‘RHONY’s Eboni K. Williams Reveals Why She’s Excited To Guest-Host…


In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL, Eboni K. Williams said she is both ’emotionally and spiritually impacted’ by ‘the opportunity’ to soon guest-host on ‘The View.’

Eboni K. Williams, 38, is about to start a new job that she describes as “a dream come true.” The Real Housewives of New York City star is guest-hosting The View as one of several ladies who will be temporarily filling in for Meghan McCain on some upcoming episodes, and she told HollywoodLife that she’s “overjoyed” because hosting the show has always been one of her “childhood aspirations.”

“I’m really looking forward to it! Every single day, recording it, watching it after school, I make no secret of the fact that this is a childhood dream and ambition come true,” she EXCLUSIVELY told us on the Sept. 13 broadcast of TVTalk, which can be seen above.

“I recall witnessing Star Jones, who is a true original. Star Jones was an inspiration to me because she was a lawyer by trade, and I had the pleasure of seeing her on The View for nine years… It showed me what I might achieve as a female lawyer.”

“It showed me the breadth of what my job might truly offer,” she continued, “and so yeah, to be able to sit at that table, even for a number of days coming up shortly, it’s absolutely a dream come true.” I can’t express how deeply this chance has affected me emotionally and spiritually.”

When asked if she feels any pressure in attempting to fill Meghan’s shoes, Eboni, who was the first black woman to join the cast of RHONY, said she doesn’t since she has connected with Meghan as a television host and they have a “tremendous amount of respect” for one other. “Meghan and I have a long history together. She explained, “I’ve worked with Megan for many years throughout our days at Fox News, politely.” “The best part is that Meghan and I have a lot of respect for one another.”

She went on to say, “I was quite flattered when she mentioned to me on an episode of The View when I was a hot issue.” “She added, ‘Eboni made for a great sparring partner,’ which tells you that Meghan and I, while we have some professional respect, often approach political participation from opposing perspectives. So, no, I’m not skipping out on my guest hosting gigs to fill in for Meghan McCain. I’ll be appearing there as Eboni K. Williams, as both I and the network have announced, so it’ll be a unique experience.”

“I believe some of the other guest hosts are philosophically more aligned with Meghan than I am, but the funny thing about me is that I am not an ideal log,” she continued. “I’m a self-proclaimed card-carrying independent. I’ve been for 18 years, so I’m not someone who can be pigeonholed when it comes to political opinion. In this sector, where people expect people to be far left or far right and then argue to the death, that might be a struggle. I believe it is a risky political strategy, and during my time on The View, I will be adamant about maintaining my own moral and intellectual integrity.”

Rhony S Eboni K Williams Reveals Why She S Excited To Guest Host Hellip
Eboni K. Williams poses for a promo photo for ‘RHONY.’ 

Eboni’s appearance on The View opens the door to a full-time hosting role on the popular talk show in the future, and she’s more than willing to do it even if she’s still a RHONY cast member. “Any job, any role where I get to represent the complexity and intersection of femininity and black womanhood and this generational renaissance that I think I’m lucky to be a part of, I’m all in,” she said.

“I believe The View is a crossroads of informed opinion, intense discussion, as well as introspective and essential newsmaking interviews. I believe that would be a dream job for me, and I would be grateful for any chance to do it for a day, a year, or a lifetime.”

In the Instagram video above, you can see our whole conversation with Eboni.

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