‘RHOBH’: PK & Mauricio Suspect Erika Jayne’s Lying After She…


During the September 15 episode of ‘RHOBH,’ Erika Jayne tells another wild story about Tom Girardi, but not everyone believes her.

Erika Jayne told Kyle Richards on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on September 15 that she has “a lot going on” in her life and doesn’t have time to worry about her strained friendship with Sutton Stracke. During a spa day at Kathy Hilton’s house, she commented, “I don’t need that in my life.”

Kyle was well aware that Erika had a lot on her plate, but Kyle practically gasped as Erika told a fresh disturbing story about her family.

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“Tom’s house was broken into, and he confronted the intruder before having to travel to the hospital for eye surgery. Then my son had to go help, and then my son — on the way home, he rolled his car five times. Yeah…

Erika confided in Kyle, “I’m under a lot of stress.” Kyle couldn’t believe what she was hearing; in fact, she labeled the story as “unbelievable” during her private confessional. She added that this doesn’t mean she doesn’t trust Erika; rather, the tale itself appears “unbelievable.”

When Kyle later told Dorit and PK Kemsley, as well as her husband, Mauricio Umansky, about the story, it created a lot of questions for them.

“Is this for real?” says the narrator. Before PK told him about Erika’s prior allegation about Tom driving off a cliff and “flipping the car” in 2017, Mauricio inquired. Kyle and Dorit also mentioned that Tom needed brain surgery, but Erika informed them that she didn’t feel comfortable having physicians operate on him because he had been asleep for around 12 hours – especially “because of his age.” PK, on the other hand, called BS.

He explained, “I’m not a statistician, but what are the odds that Tom and his stepson both flipped cars?” I’m guessing it’s millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions

Rhobh Pk Amp Mauricio Suspect Erika Jayne S Lying After She Hellip
Kyle Richards (Bravo)

“Statistically, it’s practically impossible,” he continued, prompting Dorit to respond, “So you’re implying Erika isn’t speaking the truth?” He, on the other hand, was not convinced. “I’m suggesting she’s been in a controlling marriage for 20 years, and she’s still being controlled,” he remarked instead. Tom, I believe, lied to Erika, and Erika went along with it. There is no car rolling, and there is no 12-hour period of unconsciousness. It’s transparent to me.”

Mauricio continued, “Let me tell you something.” “There are lies all over the place,” says the narrator. Who would say no if a doctor came to you and said, “Your spouse has been harmed, he’s rolled over, he’s been unconscious, and we need to operate.”

Kyle claims that hearing her husband and PK reject Erika’s allegations has caused her to “question” her own views. Dorit, on the other hand, conceded that the narrative sounds “crazy,” but she doesn’t believe Erika is lying.

Is Erika telling it like it is? Only time will tell if this is true. Erika should, however, cease posting provocative photographs on Instagram, according to PK, because she needs to “show credibility.” Erika shouldn’t be posting too sexual photographs on social media, especially while her spouse is accused of stealing settlement money from “widows and orphans.” He said, “Bad movements,” and Mauricio concurred.

Rhobh Pk Amp Mauricio Suspect Erika Jayne S Lying After She Hellip

PK Kemsley & Mauricio Umansky (Bravo)

PK went on to explain that he wants to see Erika make a complete recovery, but only if she breaks free from the “shackles” of her previous life, and that Tom is “no longer a credible” person, so she must separate herself from him as well.

After hearing from Dorit that Erika had signed off on Tom having an operation on his foot but not his brain following his 2017 automobile accident, they burst out laughing. Erika supposedly approved off on an ankle surgery but not a brain surgery, according to PK, who laughed about how absurd it sounded that Erika signed off on an ankle surgery but not a brain surgery. Kyle had to hide her face with her hands because she couldn’t stop giggling. Similarly, to be honest.

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