Red Sox gunning down Aaron Judge sounds even better in…


Fans of the Boston Red Sox are still enraged about Aaron Judge’s at-bat ejection while attempting to score.

At Fenway Park, the AL Wild Card Game was electrifying. Fans of the Boston Red Sox are undoubtedly still celebrating, while fans of the New York Yankees are shouting for Aaron Boone to be fired.

One of the game-changing moments in Boston’s victory came when Aaron Judge was thrown out at home plate while attempting to score on a Giancarlo Stanton shot off the wall. What could be done to make things even better for Boston residents? Allow the Spanish call to amp you up even more.

The Spanish call of Aaron Judge getting tossed out at home is absolutely brilliant

That has to be one of your favorite things to watch. With that Stanton homer, the Yankees thought they had knotted the game, but the Green Monster had other ideas, keeping it in the park by inches. Phil Nevin made the ludicrous decision to send Judge home, which came back to bite the Yankees.

Unfortunately for Stanton, he had two big-league hits that appeared to be home runs but instead bounced high off the wall. It was demoralizing for the entire Yankee nation. However, at the end of the day, baseball is a game of inches.

The Yankees will now be able to watch the rest of the postseason from the comfort of their own house. The Red Sox, on the other hand, are not in the same boat. They’ve regained their confidence, and they’ll be ready to try and win the series against the Tampa Bay Rays. There’s little doubt they’re more confident now that they’ve defeated the hated Yankees.

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