Reba McEntire Rescued From Oklahoma Building After Getting Trapped When…


Keep an eye on your step! After a crumbling staircase collapsed, Reba McIntire needed the assistance of a fire department and a trusty ladder to get out of the building.

Like a cat stuck in a tree, one of country music’s most legendary singers was almost left stranded! According to KXII News 12, Reba McIntire was in Atoka, Oklahoma, on Tuesday (Sept. 14), touring a historic building for a future project.

Reba, 66, was trapped on the second floor of the historic structure when the stairwell collapsed, leaving her inside with no way out. The local fire department was summoned, and they were able to safely remove her and others from the structure. The rescue was captured on film by KTEN news woman Lisanne Anderson.

Close call for @reba in Atoka, Oklahoma Tuesday (9/14/21) Sure glad she and boyfriend Rex Linn are ok!
While touring an old building, a staircase collapsed. They were among seven people inside. Atoka’s finest came to the rescue.
No one hurt, just some bumps and bruises.

— Lisanne Anderson (@Lisanne2016_) September 15, 2021

Anderson tweeted, “Close call for [Reba] in Atoka, Oklahoma Tuesday (9/14/21).” “I’m delighted she and her boyfriend, Rex Linn, are doing well! A staircase fell while on a tour of a historic building. They were one of seven persons who were inside. The best of Atoka came to the rescue. No one was wounded, but there were a few bumps and bruises.”

“The stairwell seemed shaky — it seemed weak, but we did not understand how fragile it was until several people had gone down it and then we heard the smash and saw the stairs fall,” Coby Scherrill, who was exploring the building with Reba, told KXII.

The stairs from the second to the third storey collapsed and fell on the stairwell from the first to the second floor, according to Travis Mullins, the City of Atoka’s Emergency Management Director. People were eventually stranded on whichever floor they were on at the time.

The fire trucks were visible on the video cameras, according to Sara Jackson, the owner of the restaurant across the street from the historic structure. “Next thing we know, Reba is climbing down the ladder….” “I was thinking, ‘Oh lord Reba was harmed, Reba’s done hurting,’” Sara Jackson, owner of the restaurant across the street from the historic structure, said. “However… EMS checked on her already, so she’s fine, she’s fine.”

Reba Mcentire Rescued From Oklahoma Building After Getting Trapped When Hellip
(Jamie Schramm/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock)

According to TMZ, seven individuals were trapped in the building, including Reba and her boyfriend, and one person was brought to the hospital with minor injuries.

The structure has been in Atoka for more than a century, and the stairwell was apparently due for replacement. Director Mullins remarked, “It opened our eyes to realize precisely how flimsy they were, and when they did collapse, we saw how little was holding them up.”

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