Rapper Has Gold Chains Surgically Implanted In His HEAD…

Rapper Has Gold Chains Surgically Implanted In His Head

A famous rapper and reggaeton craftsman named ‘Dan Sur,’ has turned into a web sensation via online media for his new “hair” in the wake of transferring photographs and recordings to his TikTok account, MTO News has learned.

The rapper currently has “hair” comprised of gold chains. As indicated by him, he had the gold chains careful embedded into his head – as a substitution for his hair, MTO News affirmed.

As per Dan Sur, he had gold guides embedded into his head. Then, at that point he bought many gold chains, MTO News has learned, and balanced them from the snares, so apparently he has gold hair.

He presently appears as though he has hair ‘straight out of an adornments store’. His mane, made out of a progression of brilliant strands, looks like the ‘goldilocks’ from the well known youngsters’ story.

This is what he resembles, moving:

Surgical Chains Head

Furthermore, this is what he used to resemble, before the careful inserts:


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