‘Queer Eye’ reboot is ‘same idea, different show’

Fifteen years later and the message of “Queer Eye” is nonetheless the similar to its early 2000s predecessor, nevertheless with an updated spin.

“Straight guys have their stuff together way more than they did in 2003,” current “Queer Eye” star, Bobby Berk, suggested Page Six on Thursday. “Give them some credit!”

With the re-launch of the makeover current in 2018, Berk outlined that the Netflix mannequin is persevering with the distinctive current’s operate, nevertheless getting further personal with confessional-type interview segments and connecting with their viewers by social media.

“People weren’t ready then for what we’re doing now,” he acknowledged whereas chatting at his event with Ecco Domani, launching his restricted model designed wine bottle. “You kind of didn’t know anything about [the original Fab Five] either, they were kind of these gay superheroes that came in that just made you over and taught you how to cook and put on sunscreen and use Crest White Strips, whereas ours, you get to know us.”

Going previous aesthetics, Berk added, “Back then gay guys were taboo, people weren’t ready to accept them, it was a very different show.”

“We want people to realize that gays are just like everybody else … we also wanted to show people that we weren’t coming to pick you apart, we’re coming in to show you everything that’s great about you that you didn’t see and help you to learn about yourself and love yourself more — that’s the difference,” he acknowledged.

But when Berk and co-stars Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Tan France and Jonathan Van Ness first set out on their first filming experience, taking “Queer Eye” to rural areas like Atlanta, Ga. and Kansas City, Mo., the design guru suggested us the group, “really didn’t think it was going to be a hit.”

“We were like, ‘Oh we’ll film this and then go back to our lives after six months,’” he recalled. “It wasn’t until we got in there and worked with Tom [on the show’s premiere episode] and we saw just how listening to somebody and showing them attention and showing them self-love really had an effect and were like, ‘Oh no, this is a different show, same idea different show.’”

And as Berk has his personal residence furnishings design ventures inside the works, Porowski opened a fast-casual eatery in Manhattan’s West Village, France and Brown are releasing their memoirs and Van Ness is taking his over-the-top character on the freeway for a comedy tour, he acknowledged they know (principally) all of the items about each other after spending the earlier two years collectively. So when tales like Van Ness coming out as non-binary, which was reported this week, get launched inside the data, it doesn’t faze the tight-knit group.

“JVN and I were on the phone for three hours today we didn’t even talk about that because we’ve all had these conversations before,” he acknowledged. “It’s just a matter of when one of us decides to talk about it to press.”

And as for Berk’s partnership with Ecco Domani’s Pinot Grigio, he suggested us he was excited to design one factor that was open air his wheelhouse of home furnishings.

Plus, “red wine makes me sleepy, so I love a good Pinot ‘Greeg,’” he acknowledged.

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