Pompeo, Azar: US Virus Response Keeps Americans Safe

The U.S. authorities have labored to know the coronavirus and have taken important steps to limit Americans’ publicity to it whereas moreover offering important assistance to totally different nations, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar wrote in USA Today on Tuesday.

They cite, among the many many steps taken, treating the sick, minimizing the unfold of the virus, along with working “swiftly to screen and safely receive American travelers returning from China, and bar foreign travelers who have recently visited the epicenter of the outbreak.”

Extensive American help has been equipped to the Chinese to struggle the virus and the U.S. has facilitated the provision of big portions of medical gives.

In addition, Pompeo and Azar highlighted “American altruism at its finest” by serving to mobilize sources worldwide to bolster totally different nations as they fight the virus.

This help consists of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention staff in extra than 60 nations working fastidiously with the authorities in each location to handle the virus, with the environment-friendly response abroad “facilitated by partnerships that America has carefully nurtured over decades.”

Pompeo and Azar pressured, “We believe our actions will slow the transmission of the virus to and within the United States and other countries, solidify our ties of friendship with our allies and partners, and help save lives by giving us more time to refine preparedness measures and better understand the virus.”

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