Polish Athlete Auctions Olympic Medal To Pay For…

Maria Andrejczyk of Poland reacts during the award ceremony at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on Aug. 7, 2021.

A little more than a month after she won silver at the Tokyo Olympics for the lance toss, Polish competitor Maria Andrejczyk unloaded her decoration to the most noteworthy bidder for $125,000.

The reason: life-saving heart medical procedure for Miłoszek Małysa, a 8-month-old brought into the world with a basic intrinsic heart deformity called all out strange pneumonic venous return (TAPVR).

In a web-based media post translated from Polish by ESPN, Andrejczyk clarified how the “stunning guardians” of another kid who required a medical procedure, however, kicked the bucket before he could have the activity will contribute the cash they brought up for their own child to Miłoszek.

“I additionally need to help,” Andrejczyk said, adding, “It’s for him that I am selling my Olympic silver award.”

As indicated by a gathering pledges page for the newborn child, Miłoszek is at present at home and getting hospice care as his condition decays. After the newborn child’s family couldn’t track down a European emergency clinic to work on him, the page says, Stanford University Medical Center in California turned into their “last expectation.”

Andrejczyk said the medical procedure is relied upon to cost upwards of $385,000. A representative at the medical clinic didn’t promptly react to a solicitation for input.

In a turn, the victor of the silver decoration sell off, the Polish supermarket chain Żabka, would not acknowledge the award. The organization said it was only glad to help the competitor’s “honorable signal.”

Andrejczyk composed that the decoration “is an image of battle, confidence, and quest for dreams notwithstanding numerous chances.”

That is not simply taking off way of talking. Andrejczyk missed the bronze award in the 2016 Rio Olympics by only 2 centimeters, then, at that point struggled once again into shape after a 2018 bone malignant growth conclusion.

“An award is just an item, yet it very well may be of incredible worth to other people,” the 25-year-old revealed to Eurosport Poland in a section deciphered by NBC News.

“This silver can save lives, rather than gathering dust in a wardrobe. That is the reason I chose to sell it to assist with sicking kids.”

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