Penelope Disick, 9, Rocks Retro New Kids On The Block…


Penelope Disick looked incredibly stylish while shopping with her mother in a vintage New Kids On The Block T-shirt.Penelope Disick, 9, is officially the coolest kid ever, as she demonstrated when she went shopping with her mother, Kourtney Kardashian, 42, at the Topanga Mall in Los Angeles on Sept. 15.

Penelope dressed up in a baggy black New Kids On The Block T-shirt, flowy mint green flared slacks, and leopard Crocs for the occasion. Her hair was a rich red color, and she wore it down and natural.

Penelope Disick 9 Rocks Retro New Kids On The Block Hellip
Penelope Disick looked super cool in a retro New Kids On The Block T-shirt while shopping with her mom, Kourtney Kardashian.

Kourtney wore a pair of high-waisted baggy white trousers with red hearts all over them and a black tube top tucked in, and she looked just as trendy. She wore a black leather trench coat over her shirt and accessorized with black Converse sneakers and black sunglasses.

Penelope Disick 9 Rocks Retro New Kids On The Block Hellip

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Penelope styled her oversized tee with a pair of mint green pants while Kourtney rocked high-waisted white jeans and a black leather coat.

Penelope is clearly borrowing a page from her mother’s stylebook, and she looks amazing in her ensembles. Penelope wore a pair of short green linen shorts with a baggy black crewneck and a white T-shirt when the mother-daughter combination attended the Paw Patrol movie launch in August. She completed her ensemble with a stylish pair of white Nike high-rise sneakers.

Kourtney Kardashian wore a plunging red Carmen Molina Bias Slip Dress with a black Saint Laurent Perfecto Leather Jacket and Prada Monolith Combat Boots to the event.


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