Parents verbally trash their own kids in brutal TikTok trend

Parents verbally trash their own kids in brutal TikTok trend

Oh, how the social media power tables have turned.

In a disturbing new TikTok trend that began displaying on the platform this week, kids are sharing clips of their mom and father brutally roasting them — calling them a “mistake” and in some instances mentioning the phrase “abort.”

“I own a basketball team and this mf cant even makes a free throw,” be taught the textual content material over a video posted by Alexis Cuban, the 17-year-old daughter of “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban. The video — which, like all clips emulating the trend, is able to observe repeatedly saying “no” — featured Alexis in the background, innocently getting a drink from the fridge whereas Cuban makes faces on the digicam in the foreground.

“Does someone w an athletic child want to trade?” be taught the caption.

“Mf dented my car and said it was an accident,” be taught the textual content material on one different clip, which incorporates an individual’s son having fun with video video video games in the background whereas the daddy makes faces on the digicam. “Fam so were you.”

In totally different nasty takes, mom and father requested if they are going to abort kids in their late youngsters  —and if it’s attainable to return adopted kids they hate. Despite seeming like traumatizing statements to hearken to from one’s mom and father, the trend is unquestionably meant to be humorous, one participant claimed.

“It’s nothing harmful, really,” Justin Lee suggested Daily Dot. “In reality, it’s just the creator themselves making fun of themselves. It’s not actually parents talking to their children like that.”

Lee, who had his dad film a clip the place he stares on the digicam in a deadpan expression whereas Lee putters spherical in the background, acknowledged that the trend is definitely further of a “hoax.”

While the roasts might appear offensive to some, the trend is sort of tame in distinction with totally different newest TikTok challenges, along with one which was deemed an infinite fireplace hazard, one involving males dipping their testicles in soy sauce to “taste it,” and one the place people took enough Benadryl to hallucinate.

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