‘Outer Banks’ Star Madelyn Cline Dances With Ross Butler As…


Madelyn Cline was caught on camera dancing with actor Ross Butler in Milan, Italy, prompting fans to believe she and fellow ‘Outer Banks’ star Chase Stokes had broken up.

Have Madelyn Cline, 23, and Chase Stakes, 29, of the Outer Banks declared it quits? Madelyn was pictured hanging out with 13 Reasons Why actor Ross Butler, 31, during Milan Fashion Week, and fans (sadly) believe this is the case. On Saturday, September 25, Madelyn and Ross were pictured seated side by side at the Salvatore Ferragamo, and Ross shared the snapshot on his Instagram account. That snapshot can be found HERE.

A few days later, the two actors were captured on camera dancing affectionately inside Cera restaurant. Ross casually twirls Madelyn around in the footage, which was released by TMZ on Thursday (September 30) and can be viewed HERE, while the two stars appear to be having fun and feeling fairly at ease together.

Outer Banks Star Madelyn Cline Dances With Ross Butler As Hellip

Ross Butler at the Salvatore Ferragamo show during Milan Fashion Week on Sept. 25, 2021

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Madelyn and Ross are just pals. Fans have been guessing about Madelyn’s relationship with Chase following the pair’s frequent outings together. In their hit Netflix series, the two actors play on-screen lovers Sarah and John B., and in June 2020, they revealed they were dating after months of rumors.

Chase revealed he was “very happy” about the burgeoning affair in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife a month after the stars’ connection was made public. In November 2020, Madelyn shared a pleasant update on her relationship with Chase.

“It’s fantastic. During a video interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress exclaimed, “Love is tight.” “It’s fun to enjoy this event with your favorite people, as well as your favorite person,” she continued. I’m not sure – I’m in a good mood.”

Outer Banks Star Madelyn Cline Dances With Ross Butler As Hellip

Madelyn Cline & Chase Stokes in ‘Outer Banks’

The 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards in May was one of Madelyn and Chase’s most recent public appearances together, and the co-stars shared an endearing moment. After winning “Best Kiss” for their work on the show, the real-life pair continued to make out on stage, much to the delight of the audience! Madelyn and Chase have long been a fan favorite pair, so here’s hoping they’re still going strong.

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