My Kids Are ‘Not Allowed’ on Social Media

My Kids Are Not Allowed On Social Media

Parameters for parenting. Sarah Michelle Gellar explains why she doesn’t allow her children to have social media accounts exclusively to Us Weekly.

“They’re not allowed at this point,” the 44-year-old actress told Us on Thursday, September 2, while promoting her Lysol relationship. “That is a tremendous responsibility….” [Rocky], my son, is unconcerned. My daughter [Charlotte] is intrigued, but we’ve explained that these are our restrictions, and that each family’s rules are different.”

The actress and her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., have spoken to their children “at length” about why they are not allowed to have Instagram accounts.

“I’ll have to cross that bridge one day,” the New Yorker predicted. “I told [Charlotte] that it would have to be a public account because you must be held accountable. The lack of accountability is, I believe, my main issue with social media…. You must be comfortable with what you’re putting out there and confident in your ability to stand by it. I just don’t think they’re at the age where they can understand it.”

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Charlotte, 11, and Rocky, 9, recently returned to school, and Gellar told Us that she has been “absolutely” nervous since their return.
The Cruel Intentions star revealed, “My daughter began middle school, so there’s a little bit of that unknown component.” “However, they are overjoyed to see their pals and to be out of the house learning. Everyone did their best, but it was a tremendously difficult situation.”

For her kids, she and her Scooby-Doo co-star, 45, have a “huge stockpile of masks.” “I usually tell them to take extras,” says the author. Change them throughout the day,’” Gellar continued. “‘You’re going to get hot and sweaty. It’s better to be safe than sorry.’


She was a germaphobe long before the outbreak, the Golden Globe candidate quips. As part of their HERE for Healthy Schools project, Gellar has partnered with Lysol, which will donate disinfecting wipes to children in need with every purchase.

The former soap actor told Us, “They’re going to donate up to 16 million boxes.” “Wow, that’s incredible….” It is critical in our world right now to safeguard not only ourselves but also those around us. It’s incredible to consider what Lysol has accomplished… foreseeing the need for a larger, broader conversation about healthy habits.”


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