Milo Ventimiglia Admits He Felt A ‘Little Uncomfortable’ When His…


Back in April, the ‘This Is Us’ star commented on how bizarre it was to become viral for his exceedingly short-shorts.

Milo Ventimiglia reflected on his viral workout outfit in a Friday September 17 interview with EDaily !’s Pop now that the “short-short summer” is ended.

The 44-year-old This Is Us star reflected on the media attention he received in April, when he was captured going to the gym in a pair of extremely short shorts. Despite his displeasure with the attention, he revealed that he still wears the shorts.

Milo clarified that the teeny-tiny shorts are only used when working out. He told Daily Pop, “Those short-shorts, they only come out at the gym.” The actress was seen headed to the gym wearing the tiny black shorts, as well as a black sleeveless graphic t-shirt, Converse sneakers, sunglasses, and a face mask.

Milo Ventimiglia Admits He Felt A Little Uncomfortable When His Hellip
Milo, 44, did look pretty ripped in his short shorts in April. (BACKGRID)

While it was most likely just another day at the gym for the Heroes star, the fact that it became a viral moment perplexed Milo! “The wild part was the follow-up that had occurred as a result of everything.

I’m a guy who just got out of the gym and is about to speak with The New York Times about short-shorts, and GQ is interrogating me about it. You declare, “It’s a short-short summer.” It’s as if you’re thinking to yourself, “Holy god, this is nuts.” “This is insane,” he exclaimed.

Milo seems amused by some of the attention he received as a short-shorts innovator, but he also appeared unsure about it. “The attention is a little unsettling for me, but at the same time, I’m delighted it has inspired so many people,” he said.

Milo explained why his shorts were so short on The Talk in May, and admitted that they were actually a standard length. “The shorts are regular length, but when I work out, I fold them up to make it a little more difficult,” he explained. “It’s even a joke among some of my buddies who are in the gym at the same time as me. We’re all familiar with one another… You know, I’ll get under a bar or get on a machine and my shorts will get pretty high, and then everyone will start hooting and hollering.”

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