Mexican officials cut off new migrant caravan, breaking…

Mexican Officials Cut Off New Migrant Caravan, Breaking...

Mexico is a country in Mexico. Mexican security and migration officials barred the passage of a new migrant caravan early on Sunday, detaining several people as the government tried to disband the gathering barely a day after it left southern Mexico for the United States.
Members of Mexico’s National Guard and the National Institute of Migration (INM) began surrounding migrants on the outskirts of Huixtla around 5 a.m. local time, leading some of them to run, according to a Reuters witness.
Mexican Officials Cut Off New Migrant Caravan Breaking

As officials attempted to catch migrants fleeing for the banks of the River Huixtla, several parents in the caravan, which was mostly made up of Central Americans, Haitians, and some Venezuelans, were separated from their children.

The attempt to disperse the caravan of roughly 400 individuals comes only days after officials dispersed another large group, and comes after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that unlawful migrants should remain in southern Mexico.

Lopez Obrador also urged the US government to assist migrants in finding work, according to Reuters (, speaking ahead of a high-level meeting between US and Mexican officials on Thursday, which is expected to cover economic issues as well as migration.

Mexican Officials Cut Off New Migrant Caravan Breaking

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Some migrants accused Mexican security authorities of employing excessive force during their intervention, as they had during the previous caravan, while Maria Martha Ramos, a Honduran woman, claimed that some officials threw stones to capture people.

Ramos stated that she would wait for the main mass of migrants to reassemble before continuing her journey north.

The Mexican government recently chastised officers who were caught on camera perpetrating acts of violence against a prior batch of migrants. Migrant supporters in the area have expressed their displeasure with the tactics deployed against the latest caravan.

The early morning assault on the caravan, which included many youngsters, was described by Heyman Vazquez, a priest in Huixtla and migrant advocate, as a “inhumane” and “cruel” abuse of authority that had caused dread and concern among the travelers.

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