Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly Hint At Saucy Behavior On…

Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly Hint At Saucy Behavior On…

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly seem to really want us to know how wonderful their vacation sex is.

Fox shared a series of Instagram photos of herself leaning on a table inside an Airbnb that the pair probably leased for some rest and relaxation, but her comment implies that they didn’t get much rest.

She added beside the photographs, “When I tell you that the table at this air bnb saw some stuff.”

Machine Gun Kelly, Fox’s boyfriend, commented, “I’m really glad that’s not our table anymore.”

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Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly Hint At Saucy Behavior On Hellip

Many fans expressed interest in being at the table in question in reaction to the back-and-forth.

One user said, “Never thought I’d dream of becoming a table, yet here we are.”

The two superstars, who have referred to one other as “twin flames,” have been vocal about their feelings for each other, but some social media users were less than enthusiastic about the recent news.

Some critics observed that the couple could have just texted each other these views when the interaction surfaced on the famous page Comments by Celebs, while another said: “When your relationship has no depth, you have to compensate on social media.”

Comedian Nikki Glaser defended the gorgeous couple in the comments, saying, “I think it’s sexy when couples flirt publically in comments, but maybe that’s just me.”

“Yes, they could have texted it to each other and kept it private, but aren’t facts about celebrities’ personal lives what we seek as a celeb-obsessed culture in the first place? It’s strange how when they offer it this way, we say, “No!” Gross! TMI!! We needed this information, but we’d rather have gotten it without your knowledge via Deuxmoi after you were sitting next to someone at a restaurant who overheard your private conversation!’” she emphasized.

We have to agree with Glaser’s assessment.

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