Megan Fox & Kourtney Kardashian Pose In Lingerie & Feed…


Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian looked sexier than ever in a new SKIMS commercial when they wore nothing but underwear.

Megan Fox, 35, and Kourtney Kardashian, 42, are two of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, but their latest campaign for SKIMS may be their sexiest pictorial yet.

Megan and Kourtney posed in the Cotton range of the brand’s underwear. Megan and Kourtney both wore low-cut scoop neck black Triangle Bralettes with high-rise Cotton Jersey Dipped Thongs as they crushed their bodies up against each other in one photo from the shoot. They chewed on an apple that was in both of their mouths while facing each other.

Megan Fox Amp Kourtney Kardashian Pose In Lingerie Amp Feed Hellip
Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian star in the new SKIMS Cotton line commercial, wearing black underwear and eating an apple.
Megan Fox Amp Kourtney Kardashian Pose In Lingerie Amp Feed Hellip

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Megan & Kourtney ditched their tops & just wore high-rise thongs as they covered up their bare chests. 

The girls sat on the floor in white V-neck bras with high-waisted underwear, while Kourtney carried a plate of cherries and gave them to Megan, whose mouth was wide open in another sensuous snap.

Megan Fox Amp Kourtney Kardashian Pose In Lingerie Amp Feed Hellip
In another sexy photo from the shoot, Megan & Kourtney rocked white undergarments while Kourtney fed Megan cherries.

The frosting on the cake was Kourt and Megan lying on the floor entirely topless, wearing only high-rise thongs, as if the images couldn’t be much sexier. As they stared into the camera, they both covered their bare chests with only their arms.

“I love that SKIMS really knows what women want to wear and that they want to feel attractive, confident, and empowered,” Megan said of the campaign.

I enjoyed working with Kourtney on this commercial; we had so much fun shooting together.” Megan also captioned the sultry photographs on her Instagram page, “Kourtney, forever isn’t long enough.” @skims welcomes you to the SKIMS Cotton Shoot, an immersive experience.”

Kourtney was equally ecstatic, saying, “I had so much joy shooting with Megan for the campaign.” Even if Kim wasn’t my sister, I think I’d say SKIMS is my fave for underwear, bras, and basics!”


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