Madonna injured, postpones Brooklyn ‘Madame X’ show

There are some additional Xs on Madonna’s 2019 “Madame X” tour calendar.

The 61-year-old pop icon launched she’s going to postpone Monday night’s Brooklyn Academy of Music residency show after sustaining knee harm.

“Unfortunately, Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ concert this evening at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House is postponed,” the assertion study. “Madonna is currently dealing with a knee injury and has been advised rest for the next three days to assist in her recovery.”

The “Madame X” tour dates slated for Thursday, Oct. 10, and Saturday, Oct. 12, are anticipated to proceed as scheduled. No particulars about rescheduling the Oct. 7 show has been launched.

In a message posted on Instagram Monday night, Madge wrote that she is “not a quitter” and ensured followers she’s going to see them “in a few days.”

“It’s hard for Madame X to admit that she is also a human being made of flesh and blood and she must rest for the next 3 days to insure full recovery for her knee,” she wrote on Instagram. “I am not a quitter. This hurts me more than you can imagine. Its time to take those heels and fishnets off for a few days! Thank you for your understanding.”

Madonna kicked off her well-reviewed theater tour in October after a delayed start of virtually a month, marking her first reveal in an intimate setting — BAM’s Howard Gilman Opera House — following a very long time of big, high-grossing space excursions. The manufacturing was scheduled for 3 additional performances at BAM — Oct. 7, 10 and 12 — sooner than heading to Chicago and San Francisco.

Last week, Madge rescheduled additional “Madame X” dates. The opening night of the Chicago show, which was initially set for Oct. 15, was pushed once more, though no trigger was given, in response to The Chicago Sun-Times. The first date for the San Francisco show on Oct. 31 was moved to Nov. 5, with manufacturing factors cited as the reason, the San Francisco Chronicle experiences.

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