Madonna Defends Billie Eilish From ‘Sexist’ Critics: Why Should She…


Madonna hit back at the naysayers when Billie Eilish lost followers after embracing her “feminine” side, claiming that if she were a male, no one would care what she wore.

“The trouble is, we still live in a very sexist culture where women are forced into categories,” Madonna says in an Elle profile on Billie Eilish, who is embracing her sexual side. Billie dressed in lingerie for the cover of British Vogue after years of keeping her physique hidden, which prompted some unexpected comments from her followers.

Madonna, who is 63 years old, isn’t having it. Madge told Elle that women are either “in the virgin category or the w***e category” when it comes to Billie. Billie started out in a non-sexualized category, not appealing to the people and not exploiting her sexuality in any manner, which she chose to do, and God bless her for it—after all, she’s still a teenager.”

“But why should she be penalised if she wants to turn around and take images where she is portrayed as a feminine lady, exposing her body in a way she hasn’t in the past?” says the “Like A Virgin” singer. “Women should have the freedom to present themselves in any way they wish. No one would be writing about this if Billie was a man.

For the first three years of his career, a man could turn up dressed in a suit and tie, and then the next month, he could be dressed like Prince or Mick Jagger, shirt off, wearing eyeliner, and no one would say anything.”

Madonna Defends Billie Eilish From Sexist Critics Why Should She Hellip


Billie told Elle that she’s been getting a lot of backlash since she changed her clothing. Trolls labeled her “disingenuous” and stated that the music “business truly altered you” after she shared an Instagram selfie of herself wearing a Miaou tomato-print corset with a lace bra coming out.

Some of Billie’s admirers “hang on to these experiences and have an attachment,” she said. However, it is extremely dehumanizing.” She continued, “Just because of the boobs, I lost 100,000 followers,” alluding to the corset shot with a “rueful” giggle. “Big boobs make people nervous.”

Madonna Defends Billie Eilish From Sexist Critics Why Should She Hellip

Billie Eilish at the Met Gala, one day after Madonna appeared at the 2021 MTV VMAs

Despite the fact that Billie has embraced this new look, she admitted to The Guardian that she still has self-esteem difficulties. “It’s evident that I’m unhappy with my appearance… “But who is it?” she inquired. “I mean, I’m quite sure of who I am, and I’m extremely content with my life.“ I see folks online who appear to have never looked before.

And I’m like, “Oh my God, how do they look like that?” right away. I’m familiar with the ins and outs of this industry, as well as what individuals actually utilize in images, and I’m aware that what appears to be real can be phony. Yet every time I see that, I think to myself, “Oh God, that makes me feel terrible.”

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