Lorenzo Cain miraculously stays in game after painful collision with…


Lorenzo Cain’s toughness is unquestionable, especially in the postseason. The outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers came close to making the catch of the playoffs.

It’s incredible to witness baseball players go all-in during the playoffs. Professionals are constantly concerned about their art, but they aren’t going to risk injury to this extent until everything is at stake.

Your season may be finished in a couple of days if you’re in the playoffs.

This is something Cain is aware of. Cain smashed into the outfield fence with such power after the Braves’ Adam Duvall drilled a line shot to right-center field that most witnesses assumed he’d be forced to leave the game.

Instead, he chose to remain at home.

That’s a recipe for an arm injury or a shoulder dislocation. Cain, on the other hand, came close to making the catch of his life.

Milwaukee Brewers: Lorenzo Cain is a force defensively

At the plate, Cain is no longer an All-Star, but he is an above-average defender with postseason experience. He’s only a couple seasons removed from winning a gold glove, but he’s still capable of covering a lot of ground in the outfield when necessary.

Cain raced down Duvall’s line drive faster than seems feasible on that play, as he demonstrated.

The Brewers and Braves are locked in a one-game tie heading into Game 3. Both teams have relied heavily on their pitching in what has been an extremely competitive matchup. That hasn’t altered since Ian Anderson and Freddy Peralta were bumped on Monday.

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