Local Nomad lets go of regret with “On and…


Local Nomad’s infectious, danceable tune “On and On” is released by the indie-pop group Local Nomad. It’s simple to become hooked on this infectious offering, which has engaging vocals above stunning synths, forceful percussion, and glistening guitars.

“On and On” is an intoxicating tune about living life with no doubts. They passionately sing, “you’ll find that all the answers lie/ beneath our fingertips/press the pen and write/ only fools sing out of regret.”

The images show the band in black and white, which is a stark contrast to the song’s vibrant colors. Local Nomad is a band that plays with a lot of vigour. They light up the screen even with a movie that is colorless.

Michael Desmond, a native of Long Island, New York, is most known for being a member of the indie rock band Gabriel the Marine.

In that project, he has shared the stage with legends like Taking Back Sunday and Jack’s Mannequin. Now, in Local Nomad, he’s back and better than ever.

His seductive vocals and inventive lyrical storytelling make for engrossing albums. The lively sound is reminiscent of bands like Grouoplove and Neon Trees. Now is the time to listen to the explosive single.

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