Lexxicon wants us to get up and dance to…


Lexxicon releases a new video for his track “Power Over Me,” which has vibrant scenes that perfectly complement the fast sounds and his soothing vocals.

Lexxicon, a Jamaican-Toronto musician, clearly showcases his talent and establishes a name for himself in the hip-hop/dancehall field by dropping many engaging tunes and videos that have us all moving our bodies to the beat.

The lo-fi noises and snappy beats merge well as the speed escalates at a rapid clip as soon as we press play. The fast-paced beat creates the ideal environment for getting up and dancing. “Power Over Me,” as the single is aptly named, has the capacity to take over our body through the energy he radiates, as we begin to move our feet instinctively to the music.

While watching the video, we can also witness Lexxicon performing enticing and cleverly crafted dance routines. His soothing voice sounds like a lullaby, which creates the perfect atmosphere for this song to release whatever stress we’ve had throughout the day and allow us to relax.

We encounter a poetic love ballad through his extremely expressive songwriting, which only strengthens this track owing to the emotional aspect that he contributes to his work. Lexxicon has done a fantastic job with this song.

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