Leslie Jones Dances In A One-Piece Swimsuit To…


Leslie Jones, a comedian, proved she’s a TikTok pro when she flaunted her dance talents in a video commemorating her 54th birthday.

While celebrating her big day, Leslie Jones surprised in a new video! The 54-year-old SNL star released a video of herself dancing in a black and white swimsuit with a matching shower cap on her 54th birthday.

She used TikTok to show off her dance talents while dancing in what looked to be her restroom. “It’s my birthday, y’all! When she re-shared the video on Twitter, she captioned it, “I’m 54 and I still got it lol.”

Happy Birthday to me yall! I’m 54 and I still got it lol! #birthdaybitch pic.twitter.com/DmiqPVhXKa

— Leslie Jones 🦋 (@Lesdoggg) September 7, 2021

Fans were eager to wish her a happy birthday in the comments section. “You’re the bright spot in this crazy planet! As I approach 53, you provide everyday excitement to my life and serve as a role model for a positive, can-do attitude. One fan remarked, “Keep being the great you that we all love,” while another added, “Happy birthday, gorgeous sis!” You’re getting your THANG on. And I’m going to have to master that dance.”

The comedian has been known for her live tweeting after hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards earlier this year. She admitted exclusively to HollywoodLife that she “didn’t realize people were going to lose their heads” over her tweets.

“I had no idea that would be a thing… When I say that, I’m serious. I’m sitting in front of the television. I honestly expected to receive complaints, with people saying things like, ‘Man, shut up, and your videos are too shaky!’”

Leslie Jones Dances In A One Piece Swimsuit To Hellip
Leslie Jones. Image: Chelsea Lauren

She saw Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which has a runtime of almost 4 hours, in March. As she live-tweeted the Snyder Cut, Leslie became a Twitter sensation, branding it a “longass movie.” Most notably, she collaborated with Seth Meyers on his late-night talk show for the “Game of Jones” segment, which highlighted Leslie’s reactions to viewing Game of Thrones.

“Many people are unaware that I have read all of the novels. I didn’t watch the show when it initially aired because I was thinking, “This isn’t going to be as fantastic as the novels.” And I happened to catch a glimpse of it one night.

I believe I’ve seen every episode of Game of Thrones at least twice… Because if someone says they haven’t started, I’ll start over. So I’ll start with them… For me, that was epic because that was an epic show, guy! I’m in desperate need of another program like that!”

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