Lactose-free (and dairy-full!) ice cream is the brainchild of two Villanova grads

In the hotter months — which we’re quickly approaching, at longggg ultimate — ice cream is international cash. It cools you down and for a lot of, it nonetheless provides the comparable pleasure out of your childhood.

These days, there’s an ice cream for everyone, really. Whether you’re vegan, on the lookout for a protein-punch out of your scoops and even use it as a tool to fall asleep.

Of course, there’s all the time been one group significantly neglected in phrases of plentiful (and delicious) ice cream selections: the lactose intolerant. According to the National Institutes of Health, this is a pretty big group, as they estimate that 65 % of all of us have some trouble digesting lactose.

Of course, producers like Breyers and Lactaid boast lactose-free flavors and lactose-intolerant folks can all the time go for a dairy-free numerous, nonetheless as everybody is aware of, it merely isn’t the comparable.

That is, until Boston-based Beckon Ice Cream stepped on the scene. The mannequin, which prides itself in being “dairy full and lactose free,” was created by Villanova University alumni Gwen Burlingame and Katy Flannery.

Now, it is doable you will be questioning how that is even potential, and that’s an excellent quandary. Beckon’s website claims it is the first lactose-free ice cream produced from “real milk and cream.” The agency makes use of lactase enzyme in its place of dairy choices. Not to say, Beckon is RBST hormone-free and is free, basic, from artificial junk.

Beckon presently has a menu of 5 flavors, along with vanilla, mint chip, espresso, chocolate and sea salt chocolate chip.

You can resolve up a pint of Beckon Ice Cream in all Philadelphia-area Giant supermarkets and, Beckon tells PhillyVoice it’ll launch in Whole Foods retailers nationwide on May 1.

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