Kylie Jenner & Daughter Stormi, 3, Play In The Clouds…


In their new commercial film for the new Kylie Baby product line, which is both clean and vegan, Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster seemed like they were in heaven.

With this lovely new video to introduce Kylie Baby, Kylie Jenner, 24, and her sweet daughter Stormi Webster, 3, have taken over the internet!

For the ad, the beauty mogul and her toddler transported fans into a cloud-filled pink-and-blue fantasy realm, and they appeared to be having a blast. Kylie and Stormi began the film by walking hand-in-hand over a body of water. A magnificent white stairway appeared as the two made their way through the sky.

Kylie Jenner Amp Daughter Stormi 3 Play In The Clouds Hellip

Kylie Jenner and Stormi enjoy cotton candy in the new Kylie Skin campaign video.

Stormi was overjoyed when her beautiful mother pointed to it, and the two climbed all the way to the top! Of course, fashion was at the forefront of the short film: Stormi looked adorable in a bubblegum pink outfit with a bow design and her hair in a bun.

In her belted white coat dress and chunky boots, Kylie channeled strong ’60s influences with a splash of Jetsons. She wore her hair in a stunning up-do and wore it in a vibrant red tone.

Stormi’s face brightened up once more as she saw a theme park up in the sky once they reached the top of the stairwell. As the song “Lottery” by Kali Uchis played, hot air balloons surrounded a ferris wheel and carousel. “If I told you I belonged to you…

On the cheerful soul music, Uchis sings, “You’re an angel and I’m blessed/Oh, I’m trying my hardest/Want you to know how very good it was to meet you/Want you to know how very nice it was to meet you.”

Large bottles of Kylie’s new baby product line, which includes a mild bubble bath, shampoo, and body lotion, also appeared in the clouds. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians actress has announced the launch of her new business, which is clean, vegan, and conscientious.

Kylie Jenner, who is having her second child with Travis Scott, 30, said in the announcement, “It was a goal of mine to design clean, safe, effective, and conscientious infant care when I became a mom.” In 2019, the California native submitted a trademark application for Kylie Baby.

“I know we all want the best for our children, therefore making this line vegan and hypoallergenic was a personal choice for me! I’m very proud of these products, and I can’t wait to show you and your family!” Kylie Cosmetics founder added. Even better, Stormi approves of the goods!

The commercial proceeded with the mother-daughter duo going for a ride on the ferris wheel, but not before Kylie changed into a crystal-encrusted gown and reached down to collect some cotton candy. She then changed into a more casual blue gingham outfit and went for a spin on a swing ride before collapsing into a canopy bed with her adorable toddler.

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