Kyle Richards Says ‘RHOBH’ Cast ‘Had To Go In Hard…


Kyle Richards told HollywoodLife recently that the cast of ‘RHOBH”really had to go in hard’ on Erika Jayne during the ‘uncomfortable’ reunion.

The first installment of the four-part Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion has come and gone, and no surprise, it was full with drama. Andy Cohen began questioning Erika Jayne about her ex-husband Tom’s legal issues and possible affairs, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger concerning Erika’s loyalty.

Kyle Richards spoke with HollywoodLife about the reunion ahead of the debut. The cast of RHOBH “had to go in hard” on Erika, according to the RHOBH star, no matter how unpleasant it was.

Kyle Richards Says Rhobh Cast Had To Go In Hard Hellip

The cast of ‘Real Housewives Beverly Hills’ during Part 1 of the reunion

Kyle, 52, told HL during the Wacoal and Susan G. Komen Foundation Luncheon in West Hollywood on October 13: “I believe the fact that it’s four sections speaks volumes.” “Many questions are answered. Andy had no choice but to go all out on Erika. He had no choice. We had no choice. We all knew he’d have to do it. It was uncomfortably unpleasant at times. It’s always embarrassing, but there have been instances when I’ve thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh.’ ‘This is quite inconvenient.’

Erika’s lawyers urged her to leave the show amid escalating legal problems coming from the lawsuit filed against Tom last year, according to the first episode on Wednesday. The former attorney and his company have been accused of defrauding their former clients, the relatives of those died in a 2018 plane disaster, of compensation payments.

“I have nothing to hide,” Erika informed Andy when asked why she didn’t want to go. “You know, this shit can get flipped around on you,” they added. “Everything can be analyzed, twisted, turned, and yes, possibly used against you,” she explained. It nearly doesn’t matter if it’s true or not at this point.” Erika admits to considering quitting, but she insisted on “honoring her promise.”

Erika and Tom have also been accused of staging a “fake” divorce to shield their assets from the litigation. Confronting these charges had been “uncomfortable,” but Kyle assured HL that the following three segments will leave viewers “extremely delighted.” “They wouldn’t have been able to make four episodes otherwise!” she joked.

Kyle Richards Says Rhobh Cast Had To Go In Hard Hellip

The cast of ‘Real Housewives Beverly Hills’ during Part 1 of the reunion

Season 12 is slated to begin production soon, according to Variety, following the presentation of part one on Wednesday. Although it’s unknown who will return, Kyle teased HL about her own fate at the luncheon. “Every good thing has to come to an end,” she explained. “I’m not sure when that period will come to an end, but when it does, I’ll be devastated. These are my relatives. The headline then reads, ‘Kyle is leaving.’ I didn’t say I was going to leave right now! We haven’t signed any Season 12 contracts yet, but we’ll see.”

Kyle will be devoting her time until then to causes close to her heart, such as raising breast cancer awareness with Wacoal and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. “I lost my mother to breast cancer, so it’s very important to me to use my platform to raise awareness about the disease,” Kyle explained. “I love that Wacoal has asked me to work with them with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and that they conduct this Fit for the Cure event twice a year, where they will donate $2 for every bra fitting that they do.”

“Even if they don’t buy anything, they donate $2 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which supports breast cancer research,” she explained. “To me, that’s incredible. I’m concerned for my nieces and nephews. Now there are grandchildren. Wacoal has already donated $5.8 million to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and what they can accomplish with that money and research is enormous.”

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