Kevin Hart’s Kids: Everything To Know About His 4 Children…


Kevin Hart is a well-known comedian and actor from the United States. He’s been married twice in his career and has four children! Here’s where you can find out more about all of his children.

Kevin Hart has the kind of career that every comedian wishes for! From I’m A Grown Little Man in 2009 to Don’t F**k This Up in 2020, the 42-year-old comic has published a number of standup specials. Aside from stand-up, he’s been in a number of films, ranging from family comedies like Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle to more adult comedy like Get Hard. He’s garnered numerous awards for his work, including Emmy nominations in 2020 and 2021 for his show Don’t F**k This Up and performing in Die Hart, respectively.

Kevin has been married twice in his life and has two children from each marriage. Family life has naturally provided him with a wealth of fodder for comedy, and he frequently laughs about his experiences as a father in his shows.

“Man, this parenting thing is tough. Patience is required. To deal with these youngsters, you need a lot of patience,” he said in his 2010 special Seriously Funny. “I don’t like it when I tell my kids to do something and they follow my instructions to the letter.

I want you to do what I say, but only in the way I envision you doing it.” Kevin is a loving father who is open with his children, regardless of the jokes he cracks at their expense. Here’s where you can learn more about all four of them!

Kevin Hart S Kids Everything To Know About His 4 Children Hellip

Kevin is the father of four kids from both of his marriages.

Heaven Leigh Hart

Kevin married his first wife Torrei in 2003, and their daughter Heaven, 16, was born to them in March 2005. Kevin gave his oldest daughter a $85,000 black Mercedes SUV as a birthday present for her 16th birthday.

During a June 2021 interview on Red Table Talk, he also confessed that when he was involved in an infidelity scandal with his present wife, Eniko, his daughter gave him some tough love. “Goddamn, my talk with Heaven when my wife and I went through what we went through with the full cheating exhibition, that was one like no other. Getting my daughter back and persuading her to accept my apologies for making a mistake. That was real, to realize I’m still a father,” he said.

Even though they’ve had their ups and downs, Kevin is still an inspiration to his daughter. In an April 2019 interview with USA Today, he said that she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career in comedy. “My daughter wishes to follow in my footsteps and pursue a career as a comic actor. She’s looking forward to the day when she’ll be out of school and no longer be a child, and she’ll be able to accept it,” he said.

Hendrix Hart

Kevin and his first wife welcomed their 13-year-old son Hendrix into the world in October 2007. Since the late 2000s, Kevin’s standup routine has included stories about Jimi Hendrix. In the 2016 film What Now?, he made a great joke about making his son take out the trash.

“I’m going to make my son [carry out the trash].” He’s seven years old, and it’s time for him to start contributing around here,” he joked. In 2019, the comedian told USA Today that his son “loves to laugh,” and that his children don’t mind being in his act. He explained, “They’re at that age when they welcome it.” “They have a good understanding of what their father works for a job, and they both enjoy comedies.”

While Kevin and Hendrix have a good relationship, Torrei has gushed about her son on social media. In June 2021, she shared some adorable vacation images of the two and gushed about being “each other’s #1 fan” in the comment. She wrote, “There is definitely something special about a mother-son bond.”

Kenzo Kash Hart

Kevin and Torrei separated in 2011, and he married Eniko Parrish, his second wife, in 2016. In November 2017, Eniko gave birth to the couple’s first child, Kenzo Kash, who is now three years old. Eniko and Kevin have been gushing about their son on social media. In an Instagram post on his son’s third birthday in 2020, Kevin shared some of his son’s adorable nicknames. “Zo Aka Bear Aka, Daddy and Mommy adore you.” Because you have to have it your way,” he stated in the caption.

Kaori Mai Hart

Kaori Mai, Eniko’s second child and Kevin’s second daughter, was born in October 2020. Kevin and Eniko have both gushed about their baby girl in the year after she was born, sharing gorgeous images of her. In October 2021, the couple celebrated their little girl with a charming birthday bash, which they decked entirely in pink.

Kevin and Eniko appear to be done having children after Kaori. In a 2019 interview with USA Today, Kevin stated that they do not intend to have any more children after Kenzo was born. He added, “We’re going to do one more and then we’re going to throw in the towel.”

“One more is enough – that’s a noisy house,” says the speaker. We already have a raucous one with the kids and the dogs. So I believe that adding one more will bring the Hart family circle full circle, and we’ll be done. That is all there is to it.”

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