Kendall Jenner Rocks Tiny Blue Bikini On A Speedboat After…


Kendall Jenner shared a beautiful photo of herself relaxing in a boat on Instagram just one day after her boyfriend Devin Booker disclosed he had COVID-19 and has lost his sense of smell and taste.

Kendall Jenner, 25, is stunning in her most recent Instagram photo! On Sept. 27, the model tweeted a photo of herself relaxing on a speedboat and smiling while wearing a blue bikini and a backwards white baseball cap. Her hair flowed down behind her cap, and she was wearing sunglasses, a couple of necklaces, and a bracelet.

“Captain kennyyy,” she captioned the spectacular photo, which received a lot of positive feedback from friends and followers. One fan referred to her as “cuteie,” while another referred to her as their “favorite skipper.” A third person said she was “lovely,” while a fourth said, “You are gorgeous.” Others posted heart emojis to express their admiration for the image.

Kendall’s boyfriend Devin Booker, 24, revealed on Twitch the day before she was impressed in her swimsuit shot that he was one week into a COVID-19 diagnosis. About how he was reacting to the illness, he added, “Honestly, y’all, I’m feeling straight.” “The only problem I have is that I have no taste or smell, which is the worst part.”

Kendall Jenner Rocks Tiny Blue Bikini On A Speedboat After Hellip

Kendall Jenner showing off another bikini during a previous outing.

Many people began questioning him if he had had one of the COVID-19 vaccines before testing positive soon after he confirmed the news. He said, “I’m not going to tell you guys if I took the vaccine or not.” “However, anyone who claims that you can’t acquire COVID with the immunization is mistaken. “Inform yourself.”

Devin received his diagnosis following a tropical vacation with Kendall earlier this month. She posted photos of them having fun in the amazing location, including one of her standing in front of water and trees in a floral thong bikini and another of him laying back and resting in his swim trunks while holding a drink.

Kendall has yet to publicly address the subject, and it’s unclear if she underwent a COVID-19 test after Devin was diagnosed.

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