Justin Bieber Pays Tribute To Hailey Baldwin On 2 Year…


With a wonderful photo of the two on their wedding day, the ‘Peaches’ singer commemorated the second year since he married Hailey Baldwin in a beautiful ceremony!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, happy anniversary! On Thursday, September 30, the couple celebrated their two-year anniversary, and Justin honored his lovely bride by posting a snapshot of the two of them on his Instagram account on Friday, October 1. Hailey was photographed clutching the Justice singer’s face, as if they were going to kiss, while dressed in her stunning wedding gown. For the photo, Justin dressed up in a suit.

Justin kindly wrote the image with a note for his wife, in addition to the lovely photo. “Congratulations on your anniversary, baby. I adore you.

The 27-year-old singer captioned the photo, “To the Moon.” Hailey also congratulated her husband on their wedding day by posting three photographs to Instagram. They kissed in the first photo, danced in the second, and the 24-year-old model stood in her gown in the final shot. She just added the date to the post’s caption. Hailey also shared messages from fans and friends wishing her and the singer of “Yummy” a good anniversary.

Justin Bieber Pays Tribute To Hailey Baldwin On 2 Year Hellip

Justin Bieber’s anniversary message to Hailey Baldwin.

Despite the fact that Justin and Hailey’s second wedding anniversary was on September 30, the couple has been officially married since September 13, 2018. The couple had dated briefly in 2015 before splitting up in early 2016, but they reunited in 2018! Despite the fact that the couple married lawfully in 2018, they didn’t hold a formal ceremony in South Carolina until September 30, 2019.

Justin Bieber Pays Tribute To Hailey Baldwin On 2 Year Hellip

Justin and Hailey celebrated their second anniversary on September 30.

Justin and Hailey have had a lot of great experiences since their wedding and have become one of the most iconic couples in industry. Over the years, they’ve had lots of other wonderful anniversary parties. Hailey celebrated their one-year anniversary by posting a romantic selfie of herself kissing the singer on the cheek and gushing about being with him for a year.

In 2020, the couple went on a lovely picnic date to commemorate two years of legal marriage. Hailey was inked with a dedication to her hubby shortly after their anniversary last year. To symbolize her love for Justin, she had a “J” tattooed on her ring finger.

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