Jude Law’s Kids: Meet The Actor’s 6 Beautiful Children From…


Jude Law is the father of six children: Rafferty, Iris, Rudy, Sophia, Ada, and a newborn born on September 14. Here’s where you can learn about his six children.

Jude Law, the hero of The New Pope, is the patriarch of several separate lineages, having fathered children with four different women.

The attractive actor is known for being a ladies’ man, but he’s also a dedicated father who has been meeting the rigors of fatherhood since his first child was born in 1996. Rafferty, 25, Iris, 20, Rudy, 19, Sophia, 12, Ada, 6, and a newborn kid are among his children.

Jude has his hands full when it comes to caring for multiple children, but he’s undoubtedly raised an incredible family. Learn more about his children, from the oldest to the youngest, in the sections below.

Rafferty Jelicoe Law 

Jude Law S Kids Meet The Actor S 6 Beautiful Children From Hellip

Rafferty Law attends GQ Men of the Year Awards, 2021.

Rafferty, Jude’s eldest child, was born on October 6, 1996. Jude’s first wife, actress and fashion designer Sadie Frost, whom he met on the filming of the 1994 film Shopping, gave birth to Rafferty. Rafferty has followed in his father’s footsteps, appearing in a number of short films and filming a version of Oliver Twist.

He’s also a DJ and musician with the band Outer Stella Overdrive, and he’s walked in fashion shows for Dolce & Gabanna and Dior. According to Elle, the 25-year-old will also star in The Hat, a short film he and his father Jude made on an iPhone during the pandemic and will be released in November.

Rafferty, like his father, has had a slew of relationships. He was most linked to music sensation Rita Ora, but the couple broke up in early 2020. According to Mama Mia, he is currently seeing Brooklyn Beckham’s ex-girlfriend, model Hana Cross.

Iris Law

Jude Law S Kids Meet The Actor S 6 Beautiful Children From Hellip

Iris Law at the Tiffany & Co. Concept Store, London, 2018.

Iris, who was born on October 25, 2000, is also a product of Jude and Sadie’s union. Iris is a successful model in the fashion business, having walked the runways for names such as Miu Miu and Burberry, as well as appearing in Vogue.

The 20-year-old is also not hesitant to flaunt her killer beach physique on Instagram, posting numerous bikini photos during the summer.

Rudy Law 

Jude Law S Kids Meet The Actor S 6 Beautiful Children From Hellip

Jude, Rudy, and Rafferty Law at a basketball game, 2016.

Jude’s youngest kid with first wife Sadie, Rudy, was born on September 10, 2002. Rudy keeps things low-key in comparison to his older siblings, not posting much on social media or taking up modeling like his older brother and sister. Rudy and his mother Sadie co-starred in the 2013 short film Dottie, but he hasn’t exhibited any interest in acting afterwards.

Sophia Law 

Sophia, Jude’s only child with American model Samantha Burke, was born in September 2009. Jude met Samantha while filming Sherlock Holmes in New York City, although the two never officially dated. According to The Telegraph, despite his initial skepticism about being Sophia’s biological father, the actor continues financially supports her. She and her mother live in Florida, and Jude doesn’t get to see them very often, but people think Jude looks a lot like her father.

Ada Law 

Jude’s only child with singer-songwriter Catherine Harding, Ada, was born in March 2015. Ada’s arrival came after the couple’s split, therefore they were only together for a brief time. Despite this, Catherine told The Mirror at the time that Jude is a “wonderful dad” who does a good job with the kids. She said, “Jude is incredibly hilarious and lovely.” “I recall him coming over last week and having to change her on the park bench. He washed her clean.”

Newborn Baby Law 

On September 14, Jude announced the birth of his first child with wife Phillipa Coan on The Tonight Show. The Closer star told Jimmy Fallon that the delivery experience was “strange” given the epidemic, but that everything worked out in a “really amazing” way in the end. On the show, he said, “We feel really privileged that when we’re in a period, we can just nest and enjoy each other’s company.”

Jude described to the Observer in 2016 how he was striking the balance between being a hands-on father and learning when to let go as he reflected on fatherhood. “It’s incredibly hard to let them fall over and not be there to pull them up,” a buddy added. But if we didn’t go through that process, kids wouldn’t learn to pick themselves up.’ I’m starting to realize that our job is to help them transition into true adulthood for the first time.

“Then it’s a two-way relationship because the youngsters say, ‘Help me again.’ Of course, you’re available to assist them, but they must first ask.”

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