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Hopkins has announced the release of a new album. It’s called Music for Psychedelic Therapy, and it’ll be released on Domino on November 12 (digital/CD) and February 11 (LP).

Today, Hopkins released the album’s final track, “Sit Around the Fire,” a collaboration with producer and ceremonial guide East Forest that features the late guru Ram Dass’ voice. Listen to it in the player below.

Hopkins claimed in a statement that his record, which features no beats or rhythmic noises, was inspired by a 2018 trip to Ecuador’s Tayos Caves. “The music for Psychedelic Therapy is not ambient, classical, or drone, but it does have aspects of all three,” he explained. “It’s a place as well as a sound for me. When used in a psychedelic ritual, it works for the sober mind, but it takes on a whole new dimension.”

“One of the deep synchronicities that ushered this [record] into being is ‘Sit Around The Fire,’” Hopkins continued. “I was called by East Forest, who had spent time in Hawaii with Ram Dass prior to his death. He was granted access to a number of previously unheard 1970s talks and instructed to adapt them to music.

He sent me a few initial points, including the lovely choir vocals that open the composition. I turned on my headphones and sat at the piano, improvising with Ram Dass’ voice in my head. The first thing that came out was what you hear—it just appeared in response to the words.”

Hopkins’ first full-length album since 2018’s Singularity is Music for Psychedelic Therapy. Last year, he published “Singing Bowl (Ascension),” a wellness-themed song that he wrote with contemplative activities in mind.

Hopkins has previously performed “Scene Suspended,” a new piano composition, live at the Sydney Opera House. He recently released the covers EP Piano Versions, which is a follow-up to 2014’s Sleep Versions.

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Jon Hopkins: Music for Psychedelic Therapy

Music for Psychedelic Therapy:

01 Welcome
02 Tayos Caves, Ecuador i
03 Tayos Caves, Ecuador ii
04 Tayos Caves, Ecuador iii
05 Love Flows Over Us in Prismatic Waves
06 Deep In The Glowing Heart
07 Ascending, Dawn Sky
08 Arriving
09 Sit Around The Fire (with Ram Dass, East Forest)

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