Joel Souza: 5 Things To Know About Director Alec Baldwin…


Joel Souza: 5 Things To Know About Director Alec Baldwin Injured in Accidental Shooting
Alec Baldwin hurt Joel Souza, the film’s director, after he mistakenly misfired a toy gun on the set of ‘Rust.’ Everything you need to know is right here..

Joel Souza was taken to the hospital after the horrific accident that took the life of cameraman Halyna Hutchins. Alec Baldwin accidently misfired a toy gun on the set of Rust in New Mexico on Thursday (Oct. 21).

Halyna, 42, was struck during the event and was pronounced dead at the University of New Mexico hospital after being evacuated there. Joel, 48, was taken to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center by ambulance, where he was treated for his injuries. Joel is “out of [the] hospital,” according to actress Frances Fisher, who shared the news on Twitter.

Alec, who is 63 years old, released a statement on Friday (Oct. 22). He stated, “There are no words to express my sorrow and sadness over the horrific accident that claimed the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother, and a much loved colleague of ours.”

“I am fully working with the police inquiry into how this tragedy transpired, and I have contacted her husband to express my condolences and offer my support to him and his family.” “My heart breaks for Halyna’s husband, their son, and everyone who knew and loved her.” While the rest of the world waits to learn what occurred, here’s all you need to know about Joel.

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Joel Souza in 2019

1. Joel Souza Is A Writer & Director

According to his IMDB profile, Joel is a filmmaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Joel has a few writing and directorial credits under his belt. His debut film, Hanna’s Gold, was released in 2010, and he has since worked on films such as Ghost Squad (2015), Break Night (2017), Crown Vic (2017), and others. Joel has written the majority of the films he has directed, with Ghost Squad standing out (it was written by Michael Berlin and Mario Ponce.)

2. He’s Worked With Stars Like Luke Perry, Kevin Nealon & Bridget Moynahan

He’s worked with some notable A-listers despite having only a few directing credits. In the film Fool’s Gold, Joel directed Luke Perry. He collaborated with Kevin Nealon, Will Spencer, and Jennifer Grant on Ghost Squad. In the cop thriller Crown Vic, Joel directed Thomas Jane, Bridget Moynahan, and Luke Kleintank.

3. He’s Worked With Alec Baldwin Before

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Alec Baldwin, Anjul Nigam, Alex Perez, Bridget Moynahan, Chris Jarell, Thomas Jane, Gregg Bello, Joel Souza, Josh Hopkins, David Krumholtz and Scottie Thompson at a ‘Crown Vic’ screening in 2019.

Alec and Joel have joined together before, but this is the first time they’ve done it in Rust. According to a 2016 Deadline article, Alec was supposed to star in Crown Vic. Alec was set to play alongside Scott Eastwood in the “futuristic cop thriller,” which would follow “two LAPD cops as they navigate through their own personal anguish while tracking down a number of brutal cop killers.” Alec subsequently moved to the opposite side of the camera, becoming the film’s producer. In 2019, he told Celebrity Page, “I thought the script was terrific.” “I wanted to be a part of it, but we couldn’t make it work.” Even so, Alec was happy with the results. “Everything is in its right place. “Everyone and everything is flawless.”

4. Joel Has A Family

Joel’s wife and children were overjoyed to learn that he had been released from the hospital. Joel is the proud father of two sons and daughters. They’re not well-known, but it’s safe to presume they’re hoping for a quick recovery.

5. Indiana Jones Inspired Him To Get Into Film

Joel’s career in filmmaking began thanks to one of Harrison Ford’s classic roles. According to Us Weekly, Joel realized he wanted to be in show business after seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981.

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