Jesse Williams Wants ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ To Have A ‘Check-In’ With…


Jesse Williams chatted with HL EXCLUSIVELY about the prospect of a return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in season 18, why he’s stopped predicting when the last season will air, and his particular relationship with Subaru.

After playing Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy since 2009, Jesse Williams left the show in season 17, but he hasn’t ruled out a return. On September 30, the long-running series returns for its 18th season. Jesse talks with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about bringing Jackson back in Season 18.

“That’s an excellent question. I honestly have no idea. While advertising his connection with Subaru, Jesse told HollywoodLife, “I’d be up to it.” “I love my folks there, my role, and a check-in to see what he and April are up to could be really wonderful. That would certainly pique my interest.” With Harriet, Jackson and April relocated to Boston to take over his family’s organization.

Jesse Williams Wants Grey S Anatomy To Have A Check In With Hellip
Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew as Jackson and April.

The show has already established itself as the longest-running medical drama in history. Every year, fans speculate whether this will be the final season. Jesse said that he doesn’t know when the show will conclude anymore.

He stated, “I’ve stopped guessing since I joined in 2009 or whatever.” “’Two more years,’ Justin Chambers would always say. ‘I believe we have two more years.’ That was the case every year, and we are now in year 18. That beast will not be stopped unless it feels like it.

Shows are only on for a limited time. They don’t have the same material and foundation that Shonda [Rhimes] built and that Krista is keeping alive, so I have too much respect for the engine to guess.”

The actor has teamed up with Subaru to support Subaru Loves Learning, the Subaru Loves Promise’s education-focused project. Jesse explained that Subaru and its retailers are “providing school supplies and learning materials to over 100,000 students in under-resourced communities and schools,” which he said “spoke directly to my life as a young student in Chicago, as well as the teachers in schools where they’re severely under-resourced.”

As a former teacher, I understand the direct impact. It’s palpable to me as a peer, but also as a teacher who just lacks the supplies, time, space, and other tools that students require to avoid being distracted, quitting on themselves and their assignments, and the humiliation that comes with it, as well as all of the other issues that we encounter.

In 92 percent of schools, what we consider to be essential school supplies are not available to pupils. There are those who just do not have those resources, and Subaru is stepping in to help by providing content that is important to student success.

Inadequate classroom resources are a frequently disregarded component of academic life, so seeing a corporation really step up, become involved in a way that I know is genuine, in a nonsuperficial way…

Subaru Loves Learning has already shown to be a huge success in delivering tools that kids not only need but also deserve, so it speaks to a portion of my life’s mission as well as my experience.”

Jesse Williams Wants Grey S Anatomy To Have A Check In With Hellip

Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery. 

Before becoming a full-time actor, Jesse worked as a teacher. He stated that he would like to return to teaching at some point in the future. He told HollywoodLife, “I miss it dearly.” “It’s something I’m sure I’ll find a time and a place for. Since I left, it’s been something I’ve always wanted to do again. To be honest, I’ve never felt more fulfilled than when I’m in the classroom with my students.”

More than 600 Subaru dealers across the country are engaging with schools in their communities through, ensuring better educational outcomes for K-12 kids across the country. More information is also available at

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