Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s ‘Jersey Girl’ Co-Star Raquel…

Raquel Castro – who performed the cute Gertie Trinké, daughter of Ollie Trinké (Ben Affleck) and Gertrude Steiney (Jennifer Lopez) within the 2004 rom-com, Jersey Girl – noticed her on-screen dad and mom’ seemingly rekindled flame coming.

Castro, now 26, advised Radar she “woke up to several messages” the day Page Six reported “Bennifer” had been noticed house-hopping, weeks after J.Lo’s cut up from her then-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez.

“I was so happy to see that,” Castro stated of the viral photographs, including that, “no lie, a few days prior, I had a dream that they got back together.”

“That sounds so fake and cliché, but it’s true!” she insisted, explaining that she had lately learned an article about Jersey Girl director Kevin Smith reportedly contemplating releasing a director’s minimize of the movie.

She recalled considering to herself, “‘Damn, I wonder what it would be like for Jen and Ben to watch that almost 20 year later?'”

“There’s so much more of their love and relationship that is displayed in the director’s cut,” she stated. “So I feel like, subconsciously, I just had them on my mind.”

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When requested whether or not she thinks the exes’ new flame is romantic or pleasant, Raquel was cautious along with her phrases.

“It’s a beautiful thing to see two people who have a past together be able to reunite 20 years later and be a shoulder to lean on during hard times,” she defined. “So if it’s a friendship that they are reconciling, I think that’s amazing. If it’s something more, even better. I hope this time the tabloids and press can give them the space to figure it all out.”

Lots have occurred for Castro since her Jersey Girl days. Most lately, she gained NBC’s songwriting competitors sequence, Songland, along with her authentic observe, Wrong Places, scoring Raquel her first main placement with one of her favorite artists, H.E.R. But that first film, Castro says, “made such a big impact on my life, and [Jen and Ben] are a huge part of that.”

Even as a bit of lady, Castro recollects vividly the love between the then-fiancés’ being palpable.

“I remember being with them on set and thinking that they would be such good parents. It felt warm. It felt genuine. It felt like I was the make-believe movie version of their child, something that they both truly saw themselves actually doing together,” she advised us. “There was a really special moment on set before we actually started filming: It was Ben’s 30th birthday, and Jennifer, Kevin, the producers and I surprised him with a birthday cake. I remember sitting on Jennifer’s lap. It felt like we were a little family. There was something special about that moment.”

“And then, of course, the famous kiss that landed them the front page of The New York Times. They were hot and steamy. I truly do hope that they can find happiness together again,” she added. “I always felt like the two of them never got a fair chance. There was so much going on in both of their lives at that time. Timing is everything. Maybe now is their time!”

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Of course, many would not even be speaking about Bennifer (others of us haven’t stopped since 2002) if J.Lo and A-Rod had not parted methods earlier this 12 months following months-long rumors of an alleged fling between the retired MLB participant and an actuality star.

Upon listening to the information, Raquel was “honestly so sad. They were one of the couples that I admired a lot, and even though Jennifer and I have been out of touch, I was so happy to see her happy. It seemed like she had finally met her match, though everything is clearly not always as it seems.”

However, J.Lo is her lady, and Raquel won’t ever have her lady’s again. “I definitely had that ‘what the f–ka moment, as I’m sure everyone in the entire world did. Who cheats on Jennifer Lopez?!” she stated, noting that it was additionally fairly the wake-up name. “Like, that’s scary. If someone could cheat on a woman like her, it’s really hard not to think the rest of us are screwed. I pray that wasn’t the case.”

But it does not look like Castro has a lot to fret about in that division, as she’s at present courting a good-looking, “low-key” music producer who’s labored with artists like Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, and Marshmello.

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Seems like a match made in music heaven, contemplating Raquel has been targeted totally on writing music for and with different artists and songwriters since her large Songland win.

“I have been manifesting an opportunity to write with Jennifer for her project,” she advised us, so right here we’re, serving to put that out into the universe.

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