Jana Kramer’s Last Name Was Restored After Mike Caussin…


It’s a fact. Jana Kramer, 37, posted on Instagram that her maiden name has been restored after she and Mike Caussin finalized their divorce in July.

On Friday, September 4, the One Tree Hill alum captioned a selfie wearing a “Badass Mama” T-shirt, “Got the call yesterday that I’m officially Kramer again.” “New look, same girl,” says the narrator. Also, a sneak peak [sic] of my @lulusimonstudio shirt collaboration.”

Kramer and Caussin, 34, formalized their divorce in July, three months after the former couple announced their breakup in April after nearly six years of marriage, according to Us Weekly.

Jana Kramer 039 S Last Name Was Restored After Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer Courtesy of Jana Kramer/Instagram

Jolie, 5, and Jace, 2, are shared custody of the couple’s children, with the “Whine Down” podcast host spending 240 days each year with them and the former football star receiving 125. The final divorce decree, obtained by Us Weekly at the time, reflected this agreement.

“Even though they are divorced, the Mother and Father will behave with each other and with each kid in order to maintain a loving, stable, consistent, and caring connection with the child,” the divorce paperwork said. “They will not disparage each other or the members of the other parent’s family. They will encourage each youngster to adore the other parent and feel at ease in both households.”

In April, the Dancing With the Stars alum confirmed the couple’s divorce on Instagram, writing, “‘It’s time.'” Those words have now become a reality as I strive to make sense of a world I never thought could be conceivable again. I’ve had it with y’all. I’ve put in a lot of effort in my romantic life. I’ve made amends. I’ve put in the effort. I’ve given everything I’ve had, and now I’m out of options.”

Before their second breakup, Kramer alleged that the athlete had cheated on her. At the time, a source told Us that the Nashville resident thought her marriage was “fine” until she “discovered recent infidelity.”

The insider added, “Jana’s final straw came when she discovered yet again that [Mike] had cheated on her.”

Caussin cheated on Jolie with many women, according to Us, and the couple previously split less than a year after welcoming Jolie in January 2016. They eventually reconciled and repeated their vows in December 2017 after he underwent treatment for sex addiction.

On Monday, August 30, the Michigan native previewed a new song about her recent loss on Instagram. With a siren emoji, Kramer posted a clip of the original music.

Kramer sung at the time, “Could’ve averted it all, every tear flowing down my cheek.” “I didn’t have to fall head over heels in love. I have a lot of memories. It hurts so much to think we could have averted everything.”

Days ago, a source told Us that the “Why Ya Wanna” singer was “staying incredibly strong” following her divorce and the revelation that Caussin had started dating again.

The insider added, “She’s remaining incredibly strong and focusing on work and the kids and being the best mom she can be.” “She has a really close circle of pals that she can count on for support.”

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