Jamie Chung Reveals Her New Character ‘Shakes Things Up’…


Jamie Chung talked to HL EXCLUSIVELY about her upcoming part in the ‘Dexter’ reboot, being pushed out of her ‘comfort zone’ in ‘Lovecraft Country,’ and date evenings with her hubby!

Jamie Chung is having a great year. She has joined the cast of Dexter: New Blood, which will air in November, following her amazing performance in Lovecraft Country. Jamie gave HollywoodLife some EXCLUSIVE details about her part in Dexter Morgan’s new world.

While discussing her work with Meiomi Wines, Jamie told HollywoodLife, “Molly is a confident, talented, and self-made journalist.” “She made a name for herself as a true-crime podcaster, and as I previously stated, she is fresh to the world of Dexter, so you can see how that shakes things up in his otherwise calm world.”

Jamie Chung Reveals Her New Character Shakes Things Up Hellip
Jamie Chung at an InStyle party. 

“She’s outspoken, unapologetic, and a darn fine armchair detective,” Jamie added. In addition, I believe she brings a lot of color and excitement to this revival series.”

The actress confesses to becoming “obsessed” with the first season of the show. “I was just reminded of a nearly ten-year-old interview in which I mentioned Dexter as one of my dream occupations! At its best, serendipity! It was also fun to play a character who has built a name for herself in the realm of true-crime podcasts, giving Dexter and his true identity a fresh threat.”

Jamie starred in Lovecraft Country, which received 18 Emmy nominations. Ji-Ah was “one of the highlights” of the actress’s career, she claimed. “Diving into the Korean War and seeking support from my family, using their memories and experiences to better comprehend the times and help shape Ji-world, ah’s was such a remarkable experience. Because most war stories are told from the perspective of a soldier, it meant a lot to us to finally tell the story from the perspective of a woman.

Working on this program gave me a lot of confidence as an actor and taught me that all tales have importance. It allowed me to play a rich, complicated, and interesting character, which I don’t believe I’ve ever had the opportunity to do before.

I had to sing, dance, and fight at the same time. Physically, I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and having to work in two different languages helped me improve as an actor. My character went through a lot of anguish and self-discovery, which was similar to what I went through while portraying Ji-Ah. I truly believe that this was a watershed moment for me personally and professionally, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.”

Jamie also discussed how her date nights with husband Bryan Greenberg have evolved since the outbreak. Jamie told HollywoodLife, “Like everything else, we had to get creative with our date evenings since the pandemic started.”

“We started collecting and trying new recipes from the Sunday section of the New York Times. Bryan and I are fortunate in that we share many of the same interests: we both enjoy cookouts and having outside dinner/cocktail parties, and we’ve recently taken up golf. After dinner, Bryan and I like to get our putters out and play some friendly backyard mini golf.

We’re a competitive bunch, and we like to get inventive with our shot setups. We manage to have a good time whenever we can spend time together doing something enjoyable. It’s usually with a glass of Meiomi Pinot Noir or Rosé.”

Jamie Chung Reveals Her New Character Shakes Things Up Hellip

Jamie Chung with husband Bryan Greenberg.

Jamie and Bryan have had to adapt, and as a result, they’ve come up with some funny tips that they’ll remember long after the pandemic has passed. “I think the most important thing, especially in these times,” she said, “is to build up a location outside that has everything you need.”

“Make as much preparation as possible in the kitchen and with your setup. We hold all of our summer parties outside, usually starting an hour or two before sundown to take advantage of peak golden hour. We have a fantastic outdoor bar that eliminates the need for people to come in and out of the house for refreshments.”

Mini-golf is one of Jamie’s unique fun suggestions. “Bryan and I are big golfers, which is another shared hobby of ours, and we love to set up some backyard mini-golf,” Jamie explained. “We enjoy participating in the #MeiomiPuttOff because it’s a fun variation on traditional putting in which you strive to make a hole-in-one while holding a glass of wine in the other hand.” The PGA Tour’s official wine is Meiomi.

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