James Austin Johnson: 5 Things About New ‘SNL’ Cast Member…


This season, James Austin Johnson, Aristotle Athari, and Sarah Sherman were joined to the cast of “Saturday Night Live.” Here’s where you can learn more about the witty and skilled comedian.

Starting on October 2, James Austin Johnson will be one of the newest faces dazzling television screens every Saturday night.

On September 27, the comedian, who is famed for his incredible Donald Trump impersonations, was named one of three new Saturday Night Live cast members. After cast members Beck Bennett and Lauren Holt chose to leave ways, Aristotle Athari and Sarah Sherman will be joining the show.

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James Austin Johnson is one of the newest cast members on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

James is a regular actor and comedian in the Los Angeles comedy scene.

He began his career in Nashville, Tennessee, and has since acted in a number of series, including Tuca and Bertie, as well as several films, including the Coen Brothers’ Hail, Caesar! When recordings of him impersonating former President Donald Trump, such as the one above, went popular during the 2020 presidential election, he gained more attention. He went off on tangents regarding subjects like Scooby-Doo and Weird Al Yankovic’s dispute with Coolio in the clips.

He started doing comedy at a young age.

JAN 31 2004 7:54:03 PM

Nashville’s number one The Matrix fan debuts the chuck e cheese bit, time travelers mark your calendars.. pic.twitter.com/APWb6YDv63

— James Austin Johnson (@shrimpJAJ) September 26, 2021

He can be seen doing stand up in 2004 in a humorous video he released to social media on Sept. 26, 2021. The above act had him complaining about Chuck E. Cheese’s “crappy pizza” and a hilarious dancing sequence that had the audience in stitches. “I can’t believe I’m 29 years old in this!” He joked in the caption, “Time flies.”

James credits an old warehouse job with helping him get ideas for his Trump impersonations.

“I had a day job folding clothing alongside other stand-up comedians and touring artists, and we were all working together in this merch warehouse. In November 2020, he told Vanity Fair, “That’s basically where I got a lot of my Trump takes from.” “It seemed like I was in the company of friends. There’s a social side to it, in the sense that we’ll just be speaking about something at work. That’s how the Scooby-Doo reference came about.

He’s married & expecting a child.

James frequently shares cute photos of his pregnant wife Bekah on Instagram, gushing over her and their soon-to-be baby. On June 1, 2021, she shared the joyous news on Instagram with a sonogram photo (seen above) and a sad remark. “After a year of thinking about the first pregnancy I lost, I am now 10 weeks pregnant. “While we have a new soul on the way, @shrimpjaj buried a grandfather,” her caption stated. “I’ve been sick for weeks and don’t know when I’ll be able to rejoice in a new life. After commemorating a 100-year life, I determined that life is worth enjoying at every opportunity.”

He started theatrical training at age 10.

In college, he studied the Sanford Meisner technique, which helped him memorize lines so well that he could fully inhabit the roles he played. He told Vanity Fair about the technique, “The phrases that you’ve memorized will come across as natural when you’re in the situation.” “However, it allows you to free up time so that you may do things while you’re speaking it. It gives it a very natural feel.”

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