Jacksonville dealing Minshew to Eagles makes no sense…

Jacksonville Dealing Minshew To Eagles Makes No Sense

The Jaguars won’t vie for a Super Bowl this year. They won’t vie for a division title. They won’t vie for a season finisher spot.

Considering that, all that should matter in Urban Meyer’s first season as lead trainer, is fostering his new kid on the block quarterback, Trevor Lawrence.

In this way, it’s a good idea that Meyer would not just need to give his establishment fellow however much NFL playing time as could be expected, yet in addition show how much certainty he has in Lawrence in his capacity to lead a NFL offense.

Hence, giving Lawrence the beginning position once again previous 6th round determination Gardner Minshew bodes well.

Eliminating Minshew from the circumstance? OK, that stretches the limits excessively far.

All Gardner Minshew did in his season and a half as Jacksonville’s starter was toss 37 scores with just 11 capture attempts for a passer rating of 93.1. I know he’s just begun 20 games in his vocation, however that TD-to-INT proportion is superior to Dak Prescott, Derek Carr, Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins, Deshaun Watson, Peyton Manning, and Steve Young.

That passer rating is higher than Joe Montana, Ryan Tannehill, Matthew Stafford, and Andrew Luck. Furthermore, definitely, I know it’s most likely a direct result of the framework he was in, where his lead trainers didn’t confide in him to extend the field, so they contrived a framework where Minshew would just need to make a couple of peruses and would just need to take a gander at a large portion of the field.

Those kinds of frameworks, when executed well, will make any quarterback’s details look acceptable. Look no farther than 2019 Jimmy Garoppolo or 2018 Jared Goff to make my statement.

Notwithstanding, while those two quarterbacks I’ve referenced still have freedoms to substantiate themselves deserving of a beginning job in the NFL, Minshew is being consigned to reinforcement obligations as of now.

Recently, Minshew was exchanged to the Philadelphia Eagles in return for a contingent 6th round pick.

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