Ice-T Isn’t Bothered By Critics Of His Parenting Choices: ‘I…


The ‘Law & Order: SVU’ star dismissed critics who have chastised him and his wife Coco Austin for their parenting choices with their daughter Chanel Marrow.

Ice-T, 63, is unconcerned about people criticizing his parenting choices. In a Thursday September 30 interview on The View, the Body Count singer demonstrated that he is unfazed when people criticize him or his wife Coco Austin, 42, for the way they raise their five-year-old daughter Chanel Marrow. For those who wish to weigh in, the rapper said that he has a personal rule: “Do not pay attention to anything anyone says on the internet.”

When Coco tweeted a photo daughter Chanel wearing French tips for school picture day, the Law & Order: SVU star and his wife received vitriol. In an August interview with Us Weekly, Coco stated that she still breastfeeds Chanel and described the experience as a “connecting moment.” Ice-T offered some sound advise on who parents should trust when it comes to their children’s opinions.

“Concern yourself with the people who approach you in real life and say things to you. “Those are the folks you should be worried about,” he explained. “Everyone has their own parenting style. Every house, in my opinion, should have its own constitution. We’re getting along fine. “Our baby is fine.”

Ice T Isn T Bothered By Critics Of His Parenting Choices I Hellip

Ice-T clapped back at people who criticize his parenting style on ‘The View.’

Ice-T wrapped up by saying that what people say online doesn’t bother him. He stated, “I don’t pay attention to the internet.” Ice also had a great retort to those who thought Chanel was too old to nurse back in August. “Breaking News! He tweeted, “We feed Chanel FOOD.” “She merely likes to suck her mother’s boob now and then… “I’m with you!”

Ice-T was asked about his daughter running onstage with his metal band Body Count earlier in the interview by the co-hosts. It’s been a favorite of Chanel’s since she was a toddler, according to the singer. “Coco has always sat on the stage’s edge, and since Chanel was two, she has said, ‘Go to daddy,’ and rushed onto the stage.

She understands what she’s doing now. As a result, she now has lines. She now prefers to make the peace sign or the heavy metal sign. He exclaimed, “I adore it.” “Seeing this infant run onstage, coming from the contrast of how hard my music is and how forceful it is, it kills everyone.”

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