“I’ve been fucked with by nerd ass jocks like you my…


It seems Kanye West has reacted to Drake’s diss on the last’s Trippie Redd collab ‘Selling out’, calling him out in a gathering text between eight individuals – one of whom being Pusha T.The fight started on Friday (August 20) when Trippie dropped his fourth collection, ‘Outing At Knight’, which included the Drake collab as its third track. In a section on it, Drake appears to go after West and Pusha T, rapping:

“This load of imbeciles I’m beefin’ that I scarcely know/Forty-five, 44 (wore out), let it go/Ye ain’t changin’ poo for me, it’s settled forever.”

In a post to his Instagram account, West shared a screen capture of a message he’d shipped off a vague gathering talk, including an injection of the Joker (as depicted by Joaquin Phoenix) close by the inscription: “I live for this. I’ve been screwed with by geek ass muscle head n****s like you my entire life. You won’t ever recuperate. I guarantee you.”

The post has since been erased, however you look at a screen capture beneath:


Kanye West’s since-erased Instagram present showing up accessible if the need arises out Drake

However, it wasn’t expressly affirmed that West’s text was focused on Drake, extremely observant fans saw that one of the air pockets in the contact bar of West’s text started with ‘D’. Add to that the circumstance of it, and the reality he added Pusha T to the discussion prior to sending it, and his intentions appear to be clear.

Outcome, one of West’s long-lasting teammates – and previous underwriter to his mark, GOOD Music – reacted to Drake’s diss in a Tweet, stating: “Screw a double-crossing. It’s the most ideal disregard for me dawg. Wit Trippie Redd shotgun. Respect my group. It’s party time.”

The news comes in the midst of a somewhat long delivery crusade for West’s for quite some time postponed 10th collection, ‘DONDA’, which he’s as far as anyone knows set to drop next Friday (August 27) following a livestreamed listening occasion in Chicago.

Drake’s stanza on ‘Treachery’ denotes the most recent in an on-and-off fight between himself, West, and Pusha T, which dates right back to 2009.

Ongoing advancements incorporate West disliking Drake finding out if he could at any point make “common” music once more, Drake settling on a joke about West’s decision of delivery dates on his Future collab ‘Life Is Good’, and West requesting a statement of regret from Drake last September.

Recently, Drake uncovered he’d tried positive for COVID-19, faulting it for his unmistakable heart-formed hairline filling in “peculiar”.

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