Why hydrating with sports drinks while you’re sick is a bad idea

Why hydrating with sports drinks while you're sick is a bad idea

The damaging mixture of a widespread flu outbreak and a scarcity of intravenous fluids within the U.S. has compelled some medical services to offer sports activities drinks to dehydrated sufferers, leaving them prone to additional well being dangers.

The overwhelming majority of sports activities drinks are made with excessive ranges of sugar and low quantities of salt, making them extremely unqualified to rehydrate somebody affected by this yr’s prevalent flu virus.

“The essential deficiency in drinks equivalent to Gatorade for illness-related dehydration is that there’s an excessive amount of sugar and never sufficient salt or potassium,” Texas A&M College pharmacy professor John Bowman instructed the Very important Report — the varsity’s information web site. “Sports activities drinks could also be fantastic for wholesome individuals following intensive train, however they aren’t beneficial for these with fever, diarrhea or vomiting. Seasonal influenza will not be often related to diarrhea, however this season many kids are reported to have it as considered one of their signs.”

Bowman mentioned that kids and the aged, like with any main well being dangers, are particularly susceptible to the extreme results of dehydration and that “utilizing sports activities drinks, rooster soup or different residence cures may very well worsen the sickness.” Nurse fired for staying residence with the flu

As a substitute, he mentioned an oral rehydration salts resolution — usually beneficial by the World Well being Group for intestinal flus — constructed from frequent kitchen elements can do the trick. Merely mix a quart of water, half a teaspoon of salt and 6 teaspoons of sugar for a WHO-approved resolution to switch the physique’s fluids. The concoction was first created by the group’s docs in creating international locations to deal with individuals with cholera and different diarrhea-causing ailments.

Bowman additionally famous that it is nonetheless not too late to get a flu shot to keep away from this dehydrating virus.

“In case you have not gotten the influenza vaccine, it’s best to accomplish that now, because the flu season remains to be at its peak of exercise,” Bowman mentioned. “The individuals most in danger are the youngsters beneath 5 and people older than 65 years, though many child boomers between 50 and 65 are getting the flu as nicely.”

And if you have already got the flu, Bowman advises individuals to name their native pharmacy to examine on the supply of Tamiflu, as many are at the moment low or out of inventory. Duke’s Krzyzewskiville camp-out shuts down on account of flu considerations.