Hugh Grant’s Kids: Everything To Know About The Private Star’s…


Hugh Grant is the father of five children by two women. Here’s everything you need to know about the famous rom-com actor’s children.

Hugh Grant, 61, was totally focused on his job for the first five decades of his life. Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, and Love Actually are just a few of the legendary romantic comedies in which the British actor has acted.

Hugh did not become a father until he was in his 50s, when his first child, Tabitha, was born in September 2011. Hugh has four more children — two sons and two girls — from his partnerships with two separate women, Tinglan Hong and Anna Eberstein, in the ten years since.

Hugh has kept his children out of the spotlight since his personal life is tough. Hugh, on the other hand, has been ecstatic since becoming a father. In 2018, he told People, “It’s just great to have all that love around.”

“All of a sudden, you fall in love with someone other than yourself. It’s unheard of in my case, and they adore you, so everything is magical.” Here’s everything you need to know about Hugh Grant’s five children, as well as insights about his tumultuous family life.

Hugh Grant S Kids Everything To Know About The Private Star S Hellip

Hugh Grant & Anna Eberstein

Tabitha Grant

Tabitha Grant, Hugh’s eldest child, was born as a consequence of what has been described as “a brief romance” between the actor and a Chinese lady named Tinglan Hong. Tabitha Xaio Xi is Tabitha’s Chinese name. Hugh earlier told Ellen DeGeneres of Tabitha’s arrival, “I can’t pretend it wasn’t a little bit of a surprise, but it’s a really lovely surprise.”

“It’s amazing that everyone has been right all these years, saying, ‘Hugh, why don’t you have some kids?’ It has a significant impact on your life.’ And you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh, shut up!” Now that I’ve done it, I can honestly say it’s changed my life.”

Hugh has gushed about his eldest child in the years since. In 2012, he told The Daily Telegraph, “I adore my daughter.” “She’s incredible.”

John Mungo Grant

Hugh became a father for the second time a year after Tabitha was born. Anna Eberstein, the Undoing performer and Swedish TV producer, gave birth to a son, John Mungo Grant, who is eight years old. Many rumors have claimed that John was expecting a third kid at the same time as Anna was pregnant with John and gave birth to him. That brings us to Hugh’s next child, the source of the family’s complication.

Hugh Grant S Kids Everything To Know About The Private Star S Hellip

Hugh Grant with son John

Felix Chang Hong Grant

Hugh reconciled with Tinglan and got her pregnant again early in Anna’s pregnancy with John, meaning he had two children on the way at the same time. As previously stated, John was born in September of 2012. Tinglan gave birth to a baby named Felix Chang Hong Grant three months later. Hugh and Tinglan appeared to have broken up romantically following Felix’s birth, and Hugh pursued his romance with Anna.

Fourth Child

Hugh and Anna welcomed their second child, a daughter, in December 2015. Her parents have kept the name of their now-5-year-old daughter a secret. Hugh has four children.

Hugh Grant S Kids Everything To Know About The Private Star S Hellip

Hugh Grant & Anna Eberstein

Fifth Child

Hugh and Anna welcomed their fifth child, a daughter whose name has yet to be revealed, in March 2018. Hugh’s daughter was born in 1987, and it was Elizabeth Hurley, whom Hugh dated from 1987 to 2000, who broke the news to him. “He had another one last week,” she revealed on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. He has a total of five. When he birthed them all, he was beyond 50.” Elizabeth went on to explain that her ex-husband is a “beautiful father.” Having these children has completely changed him.”

Hugh and Anna married on May 25, 2018, in the Chelsea Register Office, two months after completing their family. Hugh bragged about his family life on the Today Show later that summer. He remarked of having children, “I should have done it sooner.” “I’m just lucky,” says the narrator. My wife is fantastic. She is one of my favorite people. We have three children and live together.”

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