Howard Stern proves he hasn’t really changed at all

Howard, did I strike a nerve?

During the first 10 minutes of his radio current yesterday, Howard Stern — the model new, improved, superior and mature Howard — went on a rant about me and the New York Post.

My grave wrongdoing, it seems, was writing an opinion piece that questioned how quite a bit Howard has really changed. I really feel he proved my degree.

That column, as far as I can inform, is the one remotely essential safety Stern has gotten since promoting his new e-book, which is already a smash best-seller. He listed the outlets on-air: “Good Morning America,” The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Chicago Tribune, the Las Vegas Review, a two-parter with NPR’s Terry Gross, Jimmy Fallon — and positive, the New York Post itself, which moreover ran a fantastic, extended profile of Stern on Tuesday.

How delicate is he mere 500 phrases despatched him reeling?

“I don’t understand a newspaper that does this,” he said in primary Howard subtlety. “Why am I talking to you if you’re going to f–k me in the ass? Just f–k me in the ass . . . Any promotion is good promotion, but it’s kind of a bummer. At least wait a week.”

Is this really the place we’re at? A 65-year-old megastar — who has no draw back taking completely different celebs down a peg — requires the data cycle decelerate to assuage his ego?

Here’s what I wrote: Why has no person requested Stern — if he has superior quite a bit and regrets inflicting quite a bit ache — to make clear why he nonetheless makes satisfying of mentally challenged followers? Or why he nonetheless verbally abuses his private workers on air?

Stern addressed none of this. Instead, he said The Post is “a bunch of weirdos” (which, true, nonetheless . . .) and that I’m “the hit woman” and “a sniper.” Howard Stern. Calling one other individual suggest.

He doubted my declare that I’m a longtime fan, nevertheless it certainly’s true. Despite my points with Stern and his current, I’ve at all instances admired the best way by which he goes after bullies and hypocrites. Back when Ted Kennedy was nonetheless alive, Stern was the one public decide to remind us, at all times, of Chappaquiddick. His impressions of Ted, his Boston Brahmin accent, his pomposity and drunkenness and amorality — that’s the stuff of Stern current legend.

So it’s a drag to see Stern on this huge victory tour, selling two falsehoods — first, a model new e-book that consists of just about 600 pages of interviews from his current as a result of the product of two years of arduous, torturous work. In actuality, “Howard Stern Comes Again,” which retails for $35 a pop, accommodates merely 17 pages of newest, non-public supplies — and should you occur to’ve seen any of his interviews, you acknowledge exactly what’s on these pages.

The completely different falsehood, after all, is of this self-actualized Howard Stern, his “pure id,” as he instructed NPR, lifeless and buried.

Unless, after all, you dare criticize him.

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