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This year’s Halloween will be a little different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still dress up! Moira Rose from ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is the ideal costume to make at home on a budget!

Last year, Catherine O’Hara won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series for her depiction of the quirky Moira Rose on Schitt’s Creek, which swept the Emmys. Moira Rose’s monochromatic black and white ensembles have been a fan favorite throughout the six seasons of the Pop TV show. Her crazy looks are also ideal for an at-home DIY Halloween costume this season!

Moira Rose has a lot of episodes with her self-invented signature styles and a lot of different wigs to go with them. In “Finding David,” from season two, David (Daniel Levy) flees Schitt’s Creek and seeks sanctuary on an Amish family’s farm, prompting the Roses to go on their first family road trip, which, of course, necessitates an LEWK from Moira.

The former soap opera star wore a textured black dress by Lanvin for H&M that costume designer Debra Hanson found on eBay. Hanson accessorized with a Little Girl design hat embellished with feathers and jewels, fingerless Chanel leather gloves, ridiculously high patent leather shoes, and a weirdly patterned fishnets. Moira wore MAC’s Dubonnet, which was darker than her regular Ruby Woo lip, according to Hanson. Iconic, gorgeous, and incredibly cost-effective!

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Moira Rose in Amish Country

Moira’s appearance in Schitt’s Creek’s season five finale episode “Life Is a Cabaret,” in which she directs a small-town production of Cabaret and is forced to put on her best Liza Minelli after her star, Stevie, goes missing, was another fan favorite. Moira had to improvise a Sally Bowles outfit, much like you would for a last-minute Halloween costume. “ Moira is now attempting to survive.

What’s even better is that Moira isn’t thinking, “Let’s put together a flawless Cabaret look.” What Moira could accomplish in ten minutes is the question. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Catherine O’Hara described the scene. She ends up donning a black top hat, a black chin-length wig, spidery artificial eyelashes, and one of Moira’s “bed vests” with a broach. It turned out that this was the first time O’Hara had shown her arms and shoulders in any of the show’s costumes.

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Moira Rose prepares to be Sally Bowles.

Moira Rose was often stacking her black and white high-end pieces for her day-to-day ensembles, which you can simply DIY! Remember how the Rose matriarch wore a black-and-white asymmetrical Proenza Schouler tunic over a bodysuit and slim leather slacks that transitioned to black leather booties? Her gaudy, huge necklaces — one a black choker, the other resting elegantly on her neck with some extra sparkle — completed her ensemble. Don’t forget a large pair of black sunglasses and a leather black bag to complete your Moira Rose look!

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Moira Rose: master of layering!

For a cheap fee, you may put together own Moira Rose costume at home for Halloween!

1. MANGOPOP Women’s Mock Turtle Neck/Long Sleeve Bodysuit Jumpsuit

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Black Jumpsuit

Moira’s best looks were theatrical but largely conservative when it came to fashion. The MangoPop Women’s Mock Turtle Neck/Long Sleeve Bodysuit Jumpsuit is the perfect place to start when making your DIY Moira Rose Halloween costume, and it’s only $19.98.

You get the long sleeves, which are ideal for layering, and the high-neck, which adds to the quirkiness and modesty that her outfits are known for. The wonderful spandex material is elastic yet pigmented, and the bodysuit includes a snap clasp at the bottom. For your Moira costume, you’ll want to acquire the A02 Black!, $20

2. Romwe Women’s Casual Short Sleeve Ruffle Trim Bow Tie Blouse Top Shirts

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Short Sleeve

Moira dresses up for everything from a road trip to her bed, and her outfits range from gorgeous to gaudy, but they serve as armor against her family’s less-than-glam reality. This ruffled, tie-neck blouse, in any case, screams Moira Rose, especially when worn over the bodysuit above!

The Romwe Women’s Casual Short Sleeve Ruffle Trim, Bow Tie Blouse is made of a light chiffon that has to be layered. If you prefer loose-fitting apparel, the site recommends ordering a size bigger, and in true Moira form, we recommend the White Solid color for your outfit!, $14

3. Goodthreads Women’s Pull-On Skinny Jean

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Skinny Jean

For Halloween, a skinny jean is the next best thing to going full-on Moira Rose! The nicest aspect about this costume is that it can easily be used as an everyday outfit! These Goodthreads Women’s Pull-On Skinny Jean are among the most comfortable on the market, according to Amazon’s brand, which is on a mission to offer amazing apparel at cheap rates. Moira’s silky, stretch fabric provides full coverage for extended leg extension that blends smoothly into her boots!, $30

4. Moda Chics Women’s Ankle Boots Slip On Platform Boots

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Ankle Boots

Moira’s shoe collection (how did she fit everything into her hotel room closet?!?) From elegant and sexy to clunky and grunge, there’s something for everyone. We’re opting for a sleek top with a hefty heel for this style, which we think the Rose matriarch will like. The Moda Chics Women’s Ankle Boots Platform Boots are incredibly cute and constructed for comfort. They’re excellent for your Halloween activities. Not that Moira would notice, but the Moda Chics are made in an environmentally friendly manner!, $30

5. Riymusry Multilayer Chain Choker Necklace

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Moira arranges her jewelry in the same way she layers her outfits! She adores the gleam, and with this purchase, you get three for the price of one! The spectacular piece layers beautifully around your neck and has the same vintage, glam vibe as all of Mrs. Rose’s jewels, but for a fraction of the cost!, $10

6. SOJOS Retro Vintage Oversized Cat Eye Women Sunglasses Designer Shades

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No one can see your side-eye since the shades are so large! A big pair of black sunglasses is a Moira Rose must-have, and these SOJOS Retro Vintage Oversized Cat Eye Women’s Sunglasses will do the trick. A cat-eye-shaped sunnie is a must-have when dressing up as Moira Rose for Halloween, and these are a terrific selection for only $13!, $13

7. BERON 14″ Women’s Short Curly Bob

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Moira Rose has almost 100 wigs in her collection, which equates to more than one wig each episode, despite the fact that Schitt’s Creek only has 80 episodes. In any case, a wig is required to complete your Moira Rose Halloween costume, which you may make at home!

You can get away with the curly short honey blonde bob that Moira wears the bulk of the time because we’re going for a normal Moira look. The BERON 14′′ Women’s Short Curly Bob is pre-curled, so you won’t even need to use heat on it – it’s already fashioned like Moira’s!, $24

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