How She’s All That’s Rachael Leigh Cook and Freddie…

How She S All That S Rachael Leigh Cook And Freddie

The Cross Country Christmas actress, 41, spoke with E! News on Friday, August 27, about her encounters recording the two pictures — including the entertaining story of how she met the I Know What You Did Last Summer entertainer, 45, interestingly.

“Indeed, I thoroughly recollect that quite well,” Cook told the power source. “The first occasion when I met Freddie was in Sundance. We were both in House of Yes, and I was in a house that he and Parker [Posey] and Josh [Hamilton] and everyone were in trying to say hi to everyone. I was remaining in the family room and I felt these goliath arms simply hurl themselves around me and embrace me and lay a jaw on top of my head. Furthermore, it was Freddie.”

She noticed that the Scooby-Doo actor folded his arms over her before he said, “Hello darling.”

“I gazed upward and he shouted a little since he thought I was [his then-girlfriend] Kimberly [McCullough],” the Frozen in Love star reviewed. “He didn’t realize that it was me since for what reason would you? We had precisely the same casing and hair tone. So it was a beautiful entertaining, lighthearted comedy first gathering that clearly never turned into a genuine sentiment, yet it was quite amusing.”

The Love, Guaranteed actress added during the meeting that Prinze is “a particularly great human.”

“I simply love that person,” Cook said. “However, I likely didn’t converse with him again several years after Paul [Walker] kicked the bucket and acknowledged you truly need to connect and show some drive. So we got espresso and I said to him, ‘I know we never truly hung out especially after the shoot, however you have no clue about what a major piece of my life this wound up being.’ And he said something very Freddie-like, ‘Me as well, man. It’s insane.’ But I’m fortunate to the point that it’s somebody as beguiling and as dazzling as Freddie to impart that to.”

The Minnesota local recently thought back on her time working with the Punky Brewster alum during a January 2018 meeting with Us Weekly.

“I think he truly battled with realizing that he was playing a person who he knew to be acceptable on a basic level however is as yet unchanged individual who did something like [agree to the bet],” she told Us at the time. “Also, I imagine that made it truly hard for him and made it truly excellent to watch. Working with Freddie is only a fantasy. He’s only perhaps the most benevolent individuals you might at any point need to meet. He’s a particularly giving entertainer.”

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