Harris Katleman’s new memoir filled with Golden-Age Hollywood gossip

The new memoir by former CEO of 20th Century Fox Television Harris Katleman is brimming with old-school gossip.

In “You Can’t Fall Off the Floor and Other Lessons From a Life in Hollywood,” Katleman remembers being tasked with preserving Marlon Brando out of trouble. Brando knowledgeable Katleman he was going upstairs to observe strains, nonetheless when Katleman checked on him, it “was a scene out of a prison break movie. Marlon’s bedsheets had been woven into a rope, secured to the radiator and dropped out the window into the hedges below.”

He then obtained a reputation saying Brando was at a bar “piss-drunk, with three women on his arm.”

Katleman claims infamous agent David Begelman ripped off his then-client Judy Garland.

“After Judy had been hospitalized for a drug overdose, he told her that the paparazzi had snapped a photograph of her stomach being pumped,” and the photog was demanding a ransom. “David immediately drained the money at a Vegas craps table.”

The information comes out June 25 from RosettaBooks.

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