‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: A Man From Meredith’s Past Comes Back…


In the season 18 opener of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Meredith receives a flashback, and sparks ignite between her and [SPOILER]. In addition, Teddy and Owen marry, but Link and Amelia remain at odds.

In the Grey’s Anatomy season 18 premiere, Meredith is back in the OR, where it all began. Her mother greets her when she enters a hospital room. Ellis Grey is chastising her daughter once more, claiming that she has survived the unthinkable and is only performing substandard surgery. Meredith awakens at that point.

At Scout’s one-year check-up, Amelia and Link are still debating about getting married. Amelia reveals she wasn’t thrilled with Link’s unexpected proposal. It doesn’t appear that these two will be kissing and reconciling anytime soon. Meanwhile, Hayes invites Bailey to join him and his family for dinner.

Of course, she’ll be with her boys and Ben. After the pandemic, he wants his boys to find some friends. Hayes encourages Bailey to forget about the question because she was caught off guard.

Grey S Anatomy Recap A Man From Meredith S Past Comes Back Hellip

Meredith and Hayes in season 18.

Meredith Goes To Minnesota

Meredith is on her way to Minnesota to meet with Dr. David Hamilton. Richard assumes she’ll be offered a job right away. Dr. Hamilton describes Meredith as the “spitting image” of Ellis when they first meet. He’s naming a research library after Ellis Grey.

Megan and Evelyn Hunt make an appearance at… Teddy and Owen’s wedding! Riggs is reportedly out of the country. Bikers collide with the priest in the middle of the wedding! Teddy and Owen hurry the priest to the hospital, where they team up with Megan to try to save him. The priest, unfortunately, does not make it. Megan also admits that she and Riggs are no longer together.

Jo is set to return from maternity leave and is already in full-on motherhood mode. When Schmitt arrives at Jo’s house and notices that she is in trouble. Her newly golden hair is in tatters, and the baby is screaming. Schmitt’s assistance is gratefully accepted by Jo.

Grey S Anatomy Recap A Man From Meredith S Past Comes Back Hellip

Kim Raver as Teddy on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

Hamilton takes Meredith to The Grey Center for Medical Research in Minnesota. This isn’t the library of Ellis. Meredith uses it as a laboratory. If Meredith wants it, Hamilton tells her that the lab is hers. He’ll be one of her patients, it turns out. He wants her to assist him in curing Parkinson’s disease.

Meredith Reunites With Nick Marsh

Meredith had a flashback while eating dinner with Hamilton. As he walks out the door, she notices Nick Marsh. Meredith is later told by a hotel employee to go to the bar. Nick is standing by, ready to greet her. She says she didn’t believe he had seen her. He responds that she’s “very difficult to overlook.” Swoon.

Meredith informs Nick that she is having an affair. He inquires, “Is it serious?” Meredith says, “Nope.” She is, in fact, lying. She isn’t in a relationship. Meredith says, “I’m not sleeping with you,” but she doesn’t appear to mean it. Nick and Meredith make up for lost time. His niece is now a college student. She explains that she had COVID-19 and was on the verge of death. He asks, “So you’re a miracle like me?”

Teddy and Owen’s wedding is rescheduled, and the doctors and nurses band together to make it happen. In front of their closest friends, Megan marries them. Bailey joins up with Hayes at the reception desk. His son is having panic episodes and is seeking her assistance. She extends an invitation to him and his family to dine with her.

Amelia & Link — Over For Good? 

Amelia remains adamant about not wanting to marry. Link tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and that he doesn’t want this to stop. Link makes another proposal to Amelia, and she declines — once again. Link goes out, irritated and frustrated. He runs into Jo and the two of them converse about Luna and Amelia. Link believes his relationship with Amelia is officially ended.

Nick takes Meredith to her hotel room, and their connection is electric. He walks away with a smile on his face despite her refusal to allow him in. It’s apparent that their feud is far from ended.

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