Gordon Ramsay’s Kids: Everything To Know About His 5…


Megan, Jack, Holly, Matilda, and Oscar are the proud children of Gordon Ramsay and his wife Cayetana’ Tana’ Hutcheson. Here’s where you can learn more about them.

Gordon Ramsay, 54, is recognized for his culinary skills, but it turns out he’s also a fantastic father! Megan Jane Ramsay, twins Jack Scott Ramsay and Holly Anna Ramsay, Matilda “Tilly” Ramsay, and Oscar Ramsay are among the world-famous chef’s five children, all of whom he has with his wife Cayetana “Tana” Hutcheson, 47.

They frequently feature in memorable images and videos on his social media, either hanging out with him or posing with him for sweet photos during some of his cooking shows and/or events.

Despite the fact that Gordon and Tana’s children have a famous father, they are remarkable individuals in their own right. Find out more about them in the sections below!


Gordon and Tana’s oldest child is Megan. She was born in May of 1998 and prefers to keep out of the spotlight. She did, however, let her father throw her a birthday party on an episode of his cooking show, Hell’s Kitchen, in which she proudly appeared.

She majored in psychology at Oxford University and now works at Freuds as an account executive. She also frequently shares aspects of her life with the world via her Instagram feed, where she posts images of her family and unforgettable experiences.

Holly Anna

Gordon Ramsay S Kids Everything To Know About His 5 Hellip
Gordon Ramsay Holly Ramsay pose at an event together. 

Holly Anna, her brother Jack’s fraternal twin, was born in January 2000. After studying fashion at Ravensbourne University in London, she decided to pursue a modeling career.

She is signed to Est Models and Talent Agency and frequently shares images of herself on social media. She is undoubtedly a natural in front of the camera, just like her father, whether she is wearing a stunning bikini in the sun or flaunting a fashionable clothing in a professional photo.


Gordon Ramsay S Kids Everything To Know About His 5 Hellip

Gordon Ramsay and Jack Ramsay pose together at an event. 

Holly Anna’s fraternal twin, Jack, was born in January 2000. Throughout his infancy and adolescence, he was rather active, participating in sports like as rugby, water polo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Before joining the Royal Marines in October 2020, he attended Dulwich College and Exeter University. Despite the fact that he doesn’t appear to have his own social media page, his sisters frequently post pictures of him on their own.

Holly Anna’s photos show him standing and smiling in his Royal Marines uniform with her and the rest of the family.

She captioned the photo, “Could not be prouder of my womb buddy, best friend, and role model x love you.”


Tilly was born in November of 2001, the same year as her father. When it comes to her interest in show business and cooking, she appears to be the most like Gordon. She is a well-known influencer who, with her family, hosted the BBC culinary show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch on CBBC. The show spawned a cookbook, Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover, and she’s been on many of her father’s food series.

When she joined Strictly Come Dancing, the original British version of Dancing with the Stars, in 2021, she pursued a slightly different path.


Gordon Ramsay S Kids Everything To Know About His 5 Hellip
Gordon Ramsay holds baby son Oscar Ramsay. 

Gordon and Tana’s youngest kid is Oscar. He was born in April of this year and frequently appears in photos and videos from an Instagram account he created.

He’s already making an impression online, whether he’s blissfully enjoying a lollipop in a humorous video or cheekily posing with his father in “back at work” images! It will be fascinating to watch what career path he takes as he grows older.

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